Bruce Springsteen Inducted Into New Jersey Hall of Fame

5/6/08, 10:22 am EST

Bruce Springsteen was among the inaugural class of twenty-five inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame on Sunday. Springsteen was on hand to accept the honor at Newark’s Performing Arts Center, alongside novelist Toni Morrison, Yankee cathcer Yogi Berra and retired General Norman Schwarzkopf. “Rise up, my fellow New Jerseyans. We are all members of a confused but noble race,” Springsteen told those on hand. “Even with this wonderful Hall of Fame, we know there’s another bad Jersey joke just around the corner.” Frank Sinatra was also chosen as a first ballot Hall of Famer. The NJ Hall of Fame only exists as a website now, but funds are being raised to build an actual museum. Meanwhile, Bon Jovi sits idly by the phone, waiting for his rite of passage.

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mini | 5/7/2008, 9:01 pm EST

BC is boss!!!

Me! | 5/6/2008, 3:44 pm EST

Bruce is the Boss!

Bruce Springstink | 5/6/2008, 12:45 pm EST


ZairaAmaterasu | 5/6/2008, 11:55 am EST

This man is legendary. He belongs to every R&R Hall and Walk and Whatever-Else of Fame Anytime, Anywhere.
THE BOSS. 4Ever.

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