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Christmas Island National Park

map of the Christmas Island region and the number of kilometres it is from Perth, Darwin and Jakarta

Map showing the location of Christmas Island from mainland Australia.

Getting Here

Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean at 10° 25'S and 105° 40'E. It is approximately 2800 km west of Darwin, 2600 km north-west of Perth, and 360 km south of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

The Island covers approximately 135 sq km, of which about 85 sq km (63%) is Christmas Island National Park. In addition to this terrestrial area, the Park includes a marine area extending 50 m seaward of the low water mark where terrestrial areas of the Park include the coastline.

There is no entry fee for visitors to the Park.

Flights to Christmas Island

Twice weekly flights operated by National Jet Systems depart from Perth, Western Australia to Cocos and Christmas Island. Austasia Airlines operate a weekly return charter flight from Singapore to Christmas Island.

For bookings, contact your travel agent or:

Christmas Island Travel

Phone: 08 91647168

For full details on visiting Christmas Island contact:

Christmas Island Tourism Association
PO Box 63
Christmas Island
Web Site:


within Australia: 08 9164 8382
International: + 61 8 9164 8382


within Australia: 08 9164 8080
International: + 61 8 9164 8080


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