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Alco Switchers

Roster Compiled by John Komanesky Photograph of Big South Fork Scenic S1 by: Bill Johnson
Updated: 23 November 2006 -
Builder Model Preserved As Original RR & No. Owner & Location
Alco HH600 ATSF 2301 Santa Fe 2301 Railroad & Pioneer Museum
Alco HH660 Buffalo Creek 43 BC 43 Western NY Chapter, NRHS
Alco HH660 CB&Q 602 EJ&E 210 Monroe County Historical Society(Albia, IA)
Alco HH660 Milw 1603 Milwaukee Road 1603 Illinois Railway Museum
Alco HH660 NP 125 Northern Pacific 125 Northwest Railway Museum
Alco HH900 American Cast Iron Pipe 103 Birmingham Southern 82 Heart of Dixie RR Museum
Alco HH1000 Ol\LM 900 Oliver Iron Mining Lake Superior RR Museum
Alco-GE S1 Amer. Loco. Co. 5 Alco 5 Upper Hudson River RR (Tourist RR)
Alco S1 Berkshire Scenic Railway 954 Maine Central 954 Berkshire Scenic Railway ( Lennox, MA)
Alco S1 British Steel Corporation 801-804 (same) See Note A
Alco-GE S1 Cadiz RR 8 Tennessee Central 51 Trigg County Historical Society Montgomery, KY
Alco S1 Central California Traction 42 Northern Pacific Terminal 34 Privately owned
Alco-GE S1 Delray Connecting 66 DC 66 Illinois Railway Museum
Alco-GE S1 Erie 310 Erie 310 Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum (North Judson, IN)
Alco-GE S1 Erie Lackawanna 315 Erie 315 On display - Galena, KS
Alco-GE S1 Hobo 958 & 959 Maine Cetral 958 & 959 Hobo RR (New Hampshire)
Alco-GE S1 Hobo 1008 Portland Terminal 1008 Hobo RR
Alco-GE S1 Kiski Junction 7135 US Navy 65-00536 Kiski Junction Rwy
Alco-GE S1 Mid-Continent Railway Museum 7 J. Morrell Meat Co. 7 (B/N #72849 1944) Mid-Continent Railway Museum (North Freedom, WI)
Alco-GE S1 Michigan Transit Museum 1807 US Army 1807 Michigan Transit Museum; used for weekend train rides in Mt Clemens
Alco-GE S1 New York Central 9339 Procter & Gamble 9 Whitewater Valley RR & Museum
Alco-GE S1 Northern Pacific Terminal 30 NPT 30 Lake Whatcom Railway (Wickersham, WA)
Alco-GE S1 Relco 713 Nashville, Chattannooga & St. Louis Medina RR & Museum
Alco-GE S1 USA 7374 US Army 7374 Kentucky RR Museum
Alco-GE S1 WP 504 Sacremento Northern 405 Portola RR Museum, California
Alco-GE S1 WP 506 Western Pacific 506 Western Pacific RR Museum in Portola
Alco-GE S1 WP 512 Lone Star Defense 100 Western Pacific RR Museum in Portola
Alco-GE S2 ATSF 2350 Santa Fe 2350 Gulf Coast RR Museum
Alco-GE S2 ATSF 2356 Santa Fe 2356 Golden Gate RR Museum
Alco-GE S2 ATSF 2381 Santa Fe 2381 CA State RR Museum, Sacremento
Alco-GE S2 Baltimore & Ohio 9030 B&O 9030 On display - Garrett, IN
Alco-GE S2 Baltimore & Ohio 9063 B&O 9063 B&O Railroad Museum
Alco-GE S2 Battle Ground Yacolt & Chelatchie Prairie 1 Los Angeles Junction 1 Battle Ground Yacolt & Chelatchie Prairie
Alco-GE S2 Big South Fork Scenic Railway 105 Port Huron & Detroit 60g Big South Fork Scenic Railway ( Stearns, KY)
MLW S2 CP 7077 Canadian Pacific 7077 Canadian Railway Museum
Alco-GE S2 Carizzo Gorge 1065 Texas & New Orleans 45 Carizzo Gorge Railway
Alco-GE S2 Hammersly Iron 007 Spokane Portland & Seattle 21 Pilbara Railway Historical Society (Australia)
Alco-GE S2 HB&T 14 Houston Belt & Terminal 14 Gulf Coast RR Museum
Alco-GE S2 International Nickel Co. 203 Western Maryland 144 NORMHC (?) Museum (Capreol, Ontario)
Alco S2 Kentucky & Tennessee102 Denver & Rio Grande Western 118 Big South Fork Scenic Railway ( Stearns, KY)
Alco-GE S2 LNWX 110 Longview Portland & Northern 110 Privately owned
Alco-GE S2 Manufactureres Railway 211 MRS 211 National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis
Alco-GE S2 Nacionales de Mexico 5500 NdeM 5500 Museum of Technology (Mexico City)
Alco-GE S2 Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis 484 Delaware Lackawanna & Western 484 North Alabama RR Museum
Alco-GE S2 Nekoosa Paper 14 South Omaha Terminal 5 Illinois Railway Museum
Alco-GE S2 NYSW 206 New York Susquehana & Western 206 Bergen-Rockland, NRHS, New Jersey
Alco-GE S-2 Pennsylania RR 5656 Richmond Fredricksburg & Potomac 65 Westmoreland Heritage RR
Alco-GE S-2 Portland Terminal 36 & 39 PT 36 & 39 Pacific Northwest Chapter, NRHS
Alco-GE S-2 Relco 1040 Los Angeles Jct. 2 Washington State Railroads Historical Society
Alco-GE S-2 South Buffalo 77 SB 77 Western NY Chapter, NRHS
Alco-GE S2 State Belt RR 23 & 25 State Belt RR 23 & 25 Golden Gate RR Museum
Alco-GE S2 Tioga Central 14 Buffalo Creek 46 Tioga Central
Alco-GE S2 Union Pacific 1098 Terminal RR of Alabama 575 Boone & Scenic Valley RR
Alco-GE S2 US Army 7100 & 7125 USA 7100 & 7125 Southern Appalachian RR Museum
Alco-GE S3m (Cummins Engine) Battle Ground Yacolt & Chelatchie Prairie 7001 Brooks-Scanlon Lumber 101 Battle Ground Yacolt & Chelatchie Prairie
MLW S3 Canadian National 8019 CN 8019 West Coast Railway Association
MLW S3 Canadian Pacific 6503 CP 6503 West Coast Railway Association
MLW S3 Canadian Pacific 6513 CP 6513 On display - Brandon, Manitoba
MLW S3 Canadian Pacific 6553 CP6553 Western Development Museum
MLW S3 Canadian Pacific 6568 CP 6568 Saskatchewan Railway Association
MLW S3 Canadian Pacific 6591 CP 6591 Smith Falls RR Museum
MLW S3 National Harbours Board 1002 NHB 1002 Canadian Railway Museum
MLW S3 Prairie Dog Central RR 8454 Canadian National 8454 Prairie Dog Central RR (Tourist)
Alco-GE S3 Green Bay & Western 103 Manistique & Lake Superior 1 National Railway Museum (Green Bay, WI)
Alco-GE S3 Hobo 1186 Boston & Maine 1186 Hobo RR
Alco-GE S4 Baltimore & Ohio 9096 B&O 9096 Mad River & NKP RR Museum
Alco-GE S4 Battle Ground Yacolt & Chelatchie Prairie 112 Longviw Portland & Northern 112 Battle Ground Yacolt & Chelatchie Prairie
Alco-GE S4 Cape Cod Rwy 1058 Portland Terminal 1058 Cape Cod Rwy
Alco-GE S4 Conway Scenic 1055 Portland Terminal 1055 Conway Scenic RR
MLW S4 Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley 3051 Canadian National 8181 Leatherstocking Chapter, NRHS
Alco-GE S4 Delaware & Ulster 1012 Ford Motor Company 1012 Delaware & Ulster
Alco-GE S4 Delaware & Ulster 5106 Chesapeake & Ohio 5106 Delaware & Ulster
Alco-GE S4 Central Vermont 8081 Central Vermont 8081 Connecticut Eastern Railway Museum, NRHS
Alco-GE S4 Indiana Hi-Rail 119 ATSF 1519 Indiana Railway Museum (French Lick, IN)
Alco-GE S4 NKP 79 Nickel Plate 79 Rochester & Genessee Valley Transportation Museum
Alco-GE S4 Northern Pacific 717 NP 717 Gopher State RR Museum
Alco-GE S4 Portland Terminal 1062 Delaware & Hudson 3045 Old Colony & Fall River RR Museum
Alco-GE S4 Southern Pacific 1474 SP 1474 Orange Empire Rwy Museum
Alco-GE S4 WP 563 Western Pacific 563 Western Pacific RR Museum in Portola
Alco-GE S5 North Star Steel 864 Boston & Maine 864 Mad River & NKP Museum (Bellevue, OH)
Alco S6 Chicago & North Western 1083 Southern Pacific 1034 National RR Museum, Green Bay, WI
Alco S6 Southern Pacific 1218 SP 1051 Pacific Locomotive Association (on Niles Canyon Rwy)
Alco S6 NdeM 5302 Nacionales of Mexico 5302 Yucatan RR Museum, Mexico
MLW S7 Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley 3052 Canadian National 8223 Leatherstocking Chapter, NRHS
Alco S11 Canadian Pacific 6611 CP 6611 Alberta Pioneer Railway Museum (Canada)
MLW S12 Salem & Hillsborough 8245 Canadian National 8245 Salem & Hillsborough RR
MLW S13 Canadian National 8704 Canadian National 8704 Alberta Railway Museum
Alco-GE T6 Norfolk & Western 41 N&W 41 Roanoke Chapter, NRHS
Five S1's were built in 1949/1950 for British Steel Corp and were sent to Margam & Port Talbot Steelworks in 
Wales, UK.
Numbered 801-805, all remained in service until the 1980's; 802 was retired in about 1980 and the other four
lasted until 1985.

801 - Based at The Loco Bar & Restaurant, Oswestry, Shropshire - on the English / Welsh border. Stands on a
      single track panel as a display for the railway themed restaurant.
802 - Retired and stripped to keep the others going.
803 - Based at the American Railroad Centre in Oxfordshire, about 40 miles West of London. Not operational. 
      Long term project.
804 - Based at Railworld, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, 75 miles north of London. Not operational. Long term 
805 - Has been scrapped.
All the survivors are believed to be 100% intact.    (Michael Ratledge)
Concept idea and much of the data for "Preserved Diesels" roster provided by John Komanesky.   
Additional information from Sam Berliner III, Larry Bogert, Wayne Hessil, Peter Nicholson, 
Stan Rutledge and Howard Wise.

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