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David Byrne joins Paul Simon on stage in New York

David Byrne

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Duo perform classic tracks at Brooklyn Academy Of Music

David Byrne joined Paul Simon on stage in Brooklyn, New York last night.

The former Talking Heads star joined the singer-songwriter at a special event entitled 'Paul Simon: Under African Skies', in which Simon and special guests performed material from 'Graceland' and 'The Rhythm Of The Saints'.

Kaissa, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Vusi Mahlasela, Luciana Souza and Cyro Baptista also performed alongside the legendary New Yorker, who sang vocals on just a handful of songs during the show, preferring to remain in the background playing guitar for most of it.

Simon rarely spoke to the audience throughout the event, except to dedicate a song to friend and collaborator Milton Nascimento, who was recently hospitalised and unable to perform.

The event is part of an unprecedented month-long residency at Brooklyn Academy Of Music, which has already seen Simon perform a set entitled 'Songs From The Capeman', based on his musical of the same name.

He will return to BAM on April 23 for another set called 'American Tunes'.

David Byrne took to the stage for three songs, adopting lead vocals on 'I Know What I Know' and 'You Can Call Me Al' while Simon himself brought the show to a close with a rousing rendition of 'Graceland'.

--By our New York staff.
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Apr 10, 2008

new york gets david byrne and we get...the courteeners! nice one.

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