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Conditions across Canada
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Tsvangirai withdraws from presidential runoff

Zimbabwe's main opposition Movement For Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai attends a news conference in Harare Sunday, where he announced his withdrawal from a run-off election against President Robert Mugabe.

Opposition leader pulls out of Zimbabwe's election runoff, citing mounting violence and intimidation

Saudis willing to pump more oil

But few at extraordinary summit of producers and consumers see quick fix to soaring crude prices

Typhoon sinks Philippines ferry

More than 700 people missing after passenger ship capsizes; dozens killed as Typhoon Fengshen lashes archipelago

Gas thefts spike with prices

High prices at the pumps lead to increasingly creative ways to avoid paying at the pumps

New blog


Middle Kingdom

Beijing bureau chief Geoffrey York blogs on life and news in China leading up to the summer Olympics

Breakdown: mental health

mental health

Face it. Fund it. Fix it.

Several brave Canadians invite readers into their lives to shine a light on the human face of mental illness

Test yourself


The week in questions Popup

How many severed human feet have washed shore in B.C.?


Report on Business 

Canada to push for stable market, Lunn says

Predictability would mean less volatility for gasoline prices, natural resources minister says after summit

Inflation fears expected to keep Fed on hold

Economists believe U.S. central bank will suggest it is in no rush to raise interest rates

This bunny is multiplying

Playboy Enterprises is trying to keep the brand fresh with a new Vegas club. And an upcoming movie or two won't hurt

BCE: The deal lives

BCE's privatization wins court approval, capping a wild and colourful ride


Angry Dion calls for debate with Harper on climate change

Takes issue with PM's characterization that carbon-tax plan would ‘screw everybody across the country'

Three dead, two critical in Labrador fire

Two adults and a teenager killed after fire tore through apartment complex in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Toronto mom stops potential child abduction

Police say woman intercepted a man apparently trying to abduct her toddler through an open window

National Aboriginal Day marked in ceremonies across Canada

Celebrations traditionally held on longest day of the year - the first day of summer

Arctic officials say flood waters no longer eroding land under town

So much water blasted down the Duvall River that it carved a 10-metre channel through the permafrost, right down to bedrock


Female suicide bomber kills 15 in Iraq

Bomber detonated explosives in front of heavily guarded area in city of Baqouba

Journalist charged in murders he wrote

Macedonian reporter charged with murdering two elderly women whose stories he covered for the newspaper

Mexican police under fire as 12 die at nightclub

‘The city is indignant,' mayor says after panicked underaged youths rushed for the exits during a police raid

Flooding eases, toll increases in Midwest

Officials assess billions of dollars in damage to crops, communities and infrastructure

South Korea, U.S. agree on beef deal but protests continue

Protest leaders argue the agreement doesn't go far enough


Author Q&A;: Why are you single?

It's the question Liz Tuccillo, co-author of He's Just Not That Into You, calls ‘the most annoying'

Driving blind

When a few dozen visually impaired people hit the racetrack it's like slam-dancing, but with cars. Pasha Malla rides shotgun

Damage Control: I'm broke but want to pursue my acting

How can I manage my debt without giving up on my dreams?

Amateur Sports: Face it, you're not Tiger

Playing through pain can be a losing proposition


New clue to Alzheimer's found

Researchers find one form of a sticky protein causes disease in rats

Scientists get their own Hippocratic oath

Graduate students beginning careers in medical research pledge to conduct themselves in an ethical fashion

Changing minds (and bodies) at plus-size fitness

A new boot camp and fitness regime targeting the plus-size community gets an overwhelmingly popular response in Vancouver


Scientists study whether ice exposed by the Mars lander ever melted

Ice, which appeared to be pure, was found five centimetres deep in the trench

Japanese astronomers join SETI hunt

Life in outer space? Japan observatories team up to hunt aliens

Mutant mosquitoes could fight malaria

Scientists try genetic modifications to make them incapable of spreading the disease


Goog-411 finds way to Canada

Design team engineers interactive phone service especially for Canadian English, eh?

Hat Tips: Your Friday Reads

Jack Kapica searches the Web and offers a selection of the week's interesting stories: a Kindle confession, unthinkable futures and how to save a couple million

Gamer: Exhibition Krazy!

Gaming art draws the short stick in visual art show

What do you do on the Internet, President Hu?

Chinese President holds surprise online chat


Report: Pele robbed by gang of armed youths

Soccer legend Pele was held at gunpoint by a band of youths who robbed his gold necklace, cellphone and a watch

Massa leads Ferrari sweep

Felipe Massa overtakes teammate Kimi Raikkonen with 32 laps to go and goes on to win the French Grand Prix

Jays remain 0-for-Cito

Toronto's hitting shows signs of improvement, but Pirates blast three home runs to drop Jays to 0-2 under new manager, Jeff Blair reports

Russia upsets Netherlands

Russia scored two goals in extra time to send the team into the semi-finals of the European Championship


Rare Monroe footage fetches $60,000 at auction

Birkhead buys Anna Nicole Smith's lingerie for their daughter

It's not reality, it's entertainment

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? may be a search for a certain nun-cum-nanny, but they'd prefer that you not call it a talent show

Paul Gross's obsession, our country's horror

The actor spent 10 years and $20-million retelling the grisly battle of Passchendaele. Dawn Walton visits the set and finds a cast and crew emotionally drained and awed by WWI warfare brought chillingly to life

Carly Simon: ‘We're going through a hard time now'

Singer continues the elusive search for balance in her life


Globe Auto

The truck for your inner working man


Globe Auto

Pining for the days of relaxed security

Real Estate

Real Estate

Igor's words of wisdom for homeowners

Incubator Case Study


Is there room for another coffee co?



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