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The Merinigue Pie
A variety of formations adorn the cave.

A small brown bat rests up for an evening
 of mosquito eating.

A group of visitors enters Grand Caverns.


America's oldest show cave, Grand Caverns is open to the public seven days a week from April 1st - October 31 each year.   In addition to the caverns, other activities to be enjoyed while at the park are hiking, picnicking, swimming and mini golf.  The caverns are open weekends-only November - March, and by reservation for group use on other days. Be sure to call to make your group's reservation ! 

Incredibly, the scenic grandeur of the Shenandoah Valley is matched - even surpassed - below the surface of the earth. Grand Caverns, one of the most spectacular Virginia caverns, has offered the public a breathtaking panorama of subterranean beauty since 1806 - making it America's oldest show cave.  

Grand Caverns is a stately and powerful example of Nature's handiwork. Gigantic stalactites point down from above. Equally imposing stalagmites thrust upward from the caverns floor. Cathedral Hall, 280 feet long and over 70 feet high, is one of the largest rooms of any cavern in the East. 

Massive columns, beautiful draperies rippling flowstone, and rare "shield" formations create a variety of fascinating sights. The famous Bridal Veil, Stonewall Jackson's Horse, and a peek at Dante's Inferno provide memories too good to miss. 

Grand Caverns is the ideal stop for a family vacation, a school group (field trip), a youth group or an individual to become steeped in natural beauty, geology, and civil war history.  

Be sure to contact Grand Caverns at 1-888-430-CAVE for more information, or to set up a group reservation. Certain fees apply.