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Special Calibers
In some countries, it is illegal for civilians to own guns that are chambered in the same caliber as the military. To support the civilian market in these countries, Glock has produced versions of their 9mm guns in 9x21 caliber and versions of the .45 ACP guns in .45 HP. The 9x21 cartridge is identical to the 9x19 except the brass case is 2mm longer. The .45 HP is 1mm shorter than the .45 ACP.

In Italy, the 9x21 guns have the following special markings:
dot  "9x21" on the left side of the slide
dot  The Italian "Numero di Catalogo" on the left side of the slide. The Italian Government keeps a register of all firearms available in the country. Each single model has it's own "Numero di Catalogo" number. Therefore, all Glock 19 9x21s have number "CAT 5693", all Glock 17 9x21s have a different CAT number, etc. Of course, this code is different from the number attributed by Glock to each single pistol.
dot  Two small Italian Governmental marks on the right side of the slide. These marks certify that the handgun has been imported in compliance with the local applicable rules and that it has been tested at the Italian Governmental testing ground (Banco di Prova). All pistols are tested there with a few very powerful loads before being distributed to the retail dealers.

Pictures of 9x21 G17 provided by Andrea Allemandi
G17 9x19 G17 9x19 G17 9x19
Left side Right side Top of slide
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Why are the Glosk 25 and Glock restricted in the US?
The G25 and G28 are .380 ACP versions of the G19 & G26. Because of their caliber they do not get enough import points for normal importation and are only available to LE and military. See here for details.
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Secretara de la Defensa Nacional Glock 25
The following pictures sent to us by Tony are of a .380 caliber Glock 25 used by Mexican law enforcement. "S. D. N. MEXICO DF" = Means "Secretara de la Defensa Nacional".
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Glock 17Pro
Available only in Finland, the Glock 17 Pro has some unique features not found on any other Glocks. It's a standard 3rd gen Glock 17 plus:
dot  Maritime spring cups
dot  3.5 lb connector
dot  Extended slide lever
dot  Glock night sights (TriLux OEM)
dot  Glock extended barrel w/ threads
dot  Plus 2 magazine extension
dot  Recontoured magazine release

All parts Glock factory installed and the G17 Pro cost only $80 more than a standard G17.

[Arto Pulkki]
      G17Pro   G17Pro
[Juho Nieminen]
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Glock 17A
In a show of support for the continent down under, Glock has created a model just for Australia. The latest gun laws in that country specify that handguns must have minimum barrel length of 120mm. So Glock crated the model 17A, which is simply a Glock 17 with an extended, 120mm barrel.
Glock 17A
[Nigel Brayley]
Glock 17A
[ShAnE me]
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Glock 17DK
Australia's not the only country getting custom Glocks to comply with local laws. Danish law requires handguns to be at least 210 mm long so the Glock 17DK is a standard G17 with a 122.5mm barrel, bringing the guns total length to 210mm.
Glock 17DK
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Glock Mariner & Tactical
Available only in the Philippines, the Glock Mariner and Glock Tactical are standard Glocks with the following additions:

dot  Adjustable rear sight
dot  Extended slide stop
dot  Slide marked "MARINER"
dot  Maritime spring cups

G17 Mariner
Glock 17 Mariner
G30 Mariner
Glock 30 Mariner

dot  Adjustable rear sight
dot  Extended slide stop
dot  Slide marked "TACTICAL"

G17 Tactical
Glock 17 Tactical
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