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Roy Race - 5th October 1985: , "Those Spandau Ballet Lads aren't just celebrities,..they'll be bringing a completely fresh approach to the game! No reputations to live up great ambitions, except doing their best for Melchester Rovers."


Martin and Steve have both spoken fondly of their time with Melchester Rovers during the 1985/1986 season. In particular Martin in his book "True". He refers to a Saturday in July 1985 when he received a phone call asking him to join Melchester Rovers and play alongside Roy for a season. Martin describes his reaction as being "fantastic, I might finally make it as a professional footballer - a dream come true!". Of his chance to don the red and yellow jersey, Martin says "It was pure escapism and I loved it". On the Frank Skinner show in 1999 Frank and Martin also fondly reminisced about the period he and Steve Norman shared with the Rovers. 

The words any wannabe footballer would wish to hear.

This Spandau Special section covers that period with profiles on both players and a diary of the season. Please follow the links to the left for the relevant pages.

The two Spandau boys linked up with Bob Wilson and Emlyn Hughes to provide a thrilling season for Melchester Rovers.