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The Diocese of Sourozh is the diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate, in Great Britain and Ireland. The diocese takes its name from an ancient see in Crimea (present-day Sudak), used to designate the diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain and Ireland. The patron saint of the diocese is St Stephen of Sourozh, archbishop of the see in the eighth century and confessor of the faith during the iconoclast controversy.

The Diocese of Sourozh was established by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh in 1962, and lives according to statutes drawn up under his guidance. It is composed of parishes formed into five deaneries throughout Great Britain, and is open to people of all ethnic backgrounds. The diocese is headed by Bishop Elisey of Sourozh, together with the diocesan clergy.

Current Highlights:

The following are highlights of the most recent news and activities in the diocese. For a more extensive listing of news items, please visit our full news listing page.

Archpastoral visit to the Orthodox Community of St Luke in Tunbridge Wells
8th June, 2008

Bishop Elisey's first visit to the community in Kent.

Bishop Elisey heads a pilgrimage to the Monastery of St John the Baptist in Essex
7th June, 2008

A group of pilgrims recently visited the monastery in Essex, serving an akathist to St Silouan and a memorial litia at the tomb of Fr Sophrony.

Divine Liturgy at Romford, Essex
31st May, 2008

Following a meeting between Bishop Elisey and the Anglican Bishop of Chelmsford, the Divine Liturgy was recently celebrated by Fr Joseph Skinner at St Andrew's Church, Romford.

2008 Diocesan Conference
23rd-26th May, 2008

A brief report on the recent conference of the Diocese, together with a selection of photographs.

Peresopnitsa Gospel presented to British Library
12th May, 2008

A presentation of the new facsimile reprint of the Peresopnitsa Gospel was made at the British Library, with visiting hierarchs and a Liturgy served at the Cathedral.

London and Oxford youth groups hold joint barbecue
St Thomas Sunday, 2008

The teenage youth groups from the London Cathedral parish and the Oxford communities, joined together for a barbecue on Thomas Sunday.

Radonitsa commemoration at Metropolitan Anthony's grave
Radonitsa, 2008

On the day of the Joyful Commemoration of the Departed (Radonitsa), a pannikhida was served at the graveside of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh.

Paschal services in the diocese of Sourozh
Holy Pascha 2008

A brief photo report on services for the Feast throughout the Diocese.

Paschal Message of Bishop Elisey of Sourozh
Posted 29th April 2008

'Of all our Orthodox feasts, the Pascha of Christ stands out for its spirit of triumph and joy. It is the feast of feasts and the triumph of triumphs...'


ANNOUNCEMENT: Diocesan Conference 2008: 'Pray Without Ceasing'
Posted 24th February 2008

The 2008 diocesan conference will take place from 23rd-26th May, on the theme 'Pray without ceasing'. Click here for information on the programme and speakers, as well as information on registering for the conference. You can also download posters in English and Russian for printing.


Pannikhida for Metropolitan LAURUS
24th March 2008

Clergy in the UK gather to pray for the repose of the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Metropolitan +LAURUS.

Parish of St Nicholas, Oxford, welcomes Bishop Elisey
23rd March 2008

The parish in Oxford welcomed the bishop, with a celebration of the Divine Liturgy and a meal.

Pan-Orthodox Vespers is celebrated at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom
16th March 2008

The traditional celebration of Pan-Orthodox vespers took place at the Diocesan Cathedral of the Diocese of Thyateira in Moscow Road.


Parish of St Kentigern in Glasgow celebrates its 5th anniversary
8th March 2008

The fifth anniversary of the founding of the Russian Orthodox Parish of St Kentigern was celebrated on 8th March in Glasgow. The day was marked by the visit to the community of Bishop Elisey.


Students of the Sunday School perform a concert at the Cathedral
2nd March 2008

A concert was given by the students of the Cathedral parish Sunday school, attended by the clergy and many faithful. The concert included items by the junior and senior choirs and instrumental solos.


Bishop Elisey celebrates the Feast of the Three Hierarchs in Paris
12th February 2008

The feast of the metochion of the Three Hierarchs in Paris celebrated its patronal feast, in which Bishop Elisey took part.


Bishop Elisey visits Rock Farm
9th February 2008

The bishop visited Rock Farm, a plot of land owned by the Dicoese, and celebrated a Liturgy amongst faithful of many nationalities, from the neighbouring towns and villages.


Bishop Elisey expresses his condolences on the death of the head of the Orthodox Church of Greece
29th January 2008

Bishop Elisey has taken part in a vespers and panikhida for the newly-departed head of the Orthodox Church in Greece, Archbishop Christodoulos, and signed a book of condolence at the cathedral.


Bishop Elisey visits the Orthodox Community of St Ephraim the Syrian in Cambridge
27th January 2008

Bishop Elisey has made an archpastoral visit to the community in Cambridge, concelebrating the Divine Liturgy and speaking to a reception of the faithful.


Bishop Elisey visits the parish in Derby
13th January 2008

An account of the archpastoral visit of the Bishop to the parish in Derby.


Divine Liturgy of the New Year, 2008 at the London Cathedral
1st January 2008

A midnight celebration of the Divine Liturgy marked the New Year at the diocesan cathedral in London.


Bishop Elisey's 2007 Christmas Message
Christmas 2007

"We stand before the incomprehensible mystery of our salvation in solemn piety. God, Who holds all things in His right hand and is glorified by the ranks of angels, is born on earth as an Infant and received by a cave, appearing to us as the example of love and humility..."


The newly-appointed bishop of the Sourozh Diocese celebrates his first Sunday Liturgy
30th December 2007

The newly-appointed Bishop Elisey of Sourozh celebrated his first Sunday Liturgy since being named Diocesan Bishop by the Holy Synod during the past week.


The Holy Synod appoints a new ruling bishop for the Diocese of Sourozh
27th December 2007

Bishop Elisey of Bogorodsk is appointed Bishop of Sourozh by the Holy Synod.


Christmas Message 2007 of Patriarch Alexy
25th December / 7th January 2007

The 2007 Nativity epistle of his holiness, Patriarch Alexy of Moscow and All Russia.


Community of SS Peter and Paul in Swindon welcomed Bishop Elisey of Bogorodsk
23rd December 2007

A report and photographs of the bishop's recent visit to Swindon.


Kursk-Root icon visits Oxford parish
25th November; posted 16th December 2007

The wonderworking Kursk-Root icon of the Mother of God of the Sign visited the parish of St Nicholas the Wonderworker in Oxford, attended by over 200 faithful.


Additional and older news items are found in the Diocesan News Area...

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