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Friday, 07 April 2006

Roads and Bridges

The Strength of the Nation

Roads and bridges, the basic infrastructure, are being built with priority. They can be mentioned as the basic strength of the nation. Without the development of the road transportation system one cannot achieve the improved socio-economic status of the Nation.
(Address at the Special General Meeting of the
Union Solidarity and Development Association, 19 February 2002.)

A very hearty welcome to the honourable and distinguished guests.

May I present a short report of the land transport infrastructure development since March 1988 up to March 2006. May I begin with a brief presentation of the construction of the Ayeyarwady Bridge, Yadanabon, where we are at present. The existing other bridge, which is just 2000 feet downstream from here, was built in 1934 for the major objective of serving as a railroad-cum-road bridge. There are two cantilevered sections of the main bridge built together for motor traffic. But these road sections are now not suitable for the ever-increasing motor vehicles tonnage. Hence the necessity for the construction of this Yadanobon Bridge, specially designed for heavy-tonnage motor vehicles.

Of the 8 bridges built on the Ayeyarwady River, one was built before 1988 and that is the Ava Bridge. The other 7 bridges are built after 1988. There are the Balaminhtin Bridge, the Ahnawyahtar Bridge, the Ayeyarwady-Magway Bridge, the Nawaday Bridge, the Bomyattun Bridge, the Daydaye Bridge, and the Maubin Bridge.

The 2 bridges built on the Chindwin River are the Chindwin Bridge (Monywa) and the Sinphyushin Bridge. These 2 bridges are also built after 1988.

There are 3 bridges built across the Sittaung River.

There are 7 bridges across the Thanlwin River. Two of them were built before 1988. These are Kunlon Bridge and Tarphaw Bridge. The 5 bridges built after 1988 are Thanlwin Bridge (Tarsan), Thanlwin Bridge (Tarkawett), Thanlwin Bridge (Tarpar), Thanlwin Bridge (Pa-An) and Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyaing).

Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyaing) is a railroad-cum-road bridge. The road section is about 2 miles and the railroad section is about 4 miles in length and this bridge is the largest one in Myanmar.

Kachin State at the northern region of our country was not easily accessible due to the rugged nature of the state. Travel to and fro was time-consuming. Now, due to the improved transportation infrastructure, travelling to this state for business or pleasure was made easy.

Travelling to Kayah State is also made easy due to the establishment of road and rail infrastructure.

Roads, railroads and bridges are also being constructed in the Kayin State. Goods and commodities products of this state can be transported easily via these roads and rail to other states and divisions.

Chin State is the hilly region where roads are being constructed along these steep hillsides. Landslides are frequent occurrences. Especially during the rainy season, travelling at those times were dangerous. Now, we have widened and improved the roadways accompanied by the construction of bridges wherever necessary.

Sagaing Division, situated in the northwest, is a very fertile area and act as an interlink between the border areas and the mainland. Roads, railroads and bridges have been constructed for the uniform development of the border areas.

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Roads and Bridges

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