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[ R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo) ]
R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo)
A resourceful, spunky and adventurous droid...
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[ Episode I ]

Written by
Don Bies
Paul Ens
Mary Beth Bresolin
Kim Bromley
Nelson Hall

Additional Material by
Spencer Susser
Tony Kaplan

From an Idea by Don Bies

Narration Written by
Gary Leva

Edited By
Gary Leva
Mary Beth Bresolin

Bob Hesse

Special Sequences Directed by
Don Bies
Spencer Susser

Interviews Photographed by
Spencer Susser
Mary Beth Bresolin
Tony Kaplan
Pam Ridder

Visual Effects Supervisor
Billy Brooks

Still Image Research & Design
Karen Rose

Still Photography by
Nelson Hall

Production Manager
Anna Bies

Droid Wrangling and Special Props by
John Eblan

Robbie Edwards
Jennifer Weil
Elizabeth Tulloch
Robbie Dillingham
Claudia Dillingham

Supporting Cast
Dave Murphy
Morgan Hamilton Lee

Bernie Hamilton-Lee
Mary Jo Hamilton-Lee
Cecilia Hamilton-Lee
Phyllis Eblan
Brittany Eblan
Benjamin Bies

Anna Bies
Kara Glieden
Wendi Thomas, R.N.
Mark Havens. E.M.T.
Kathy Fischer, C.R.T.

Nelson Hall
Grant Imahara
Fon Davis

Marilisa Lokna
Gina Rudometkin
Cheryl King

Zeynup Selcuk
Justin Dix
Trevor Tighe

Barry Kite
Brian Lockwood
Karen Kenepp
Alicia Peters

Steve Sansweet
Lauren Vogt
Bob Canning
Les David

Andrea Biklian
Adrienne Anderson
Paula Nederman
Sarah Peacock

Billy Brooks
Steve Gawley

Salvatore Belleci
James Cotner
Michael P. Murnane

Artoo's Buddy (at age 45)
Artoo's Buddy (at age 10)

School Principal
School Teacher
School Kid
School Mom
School Kid
Cute Kid

Emergency Room Technician
Emergency Room Technician
Emergency Room Technician
Emergency Room Technician
Emergency Room Technician

Artoo's Trainer
Artoo's Technician
Artoo's Technician

R2's Girl
R2's Babe
R2's Chick

Artoo's Bungee Assistant
Artoo's Bungee Assistant
Artoo's Bungee Assistant

Bob Cratchit
Mrs. Cratchit
Cratchit's Daughter

The Mayor
The Mayor's Wife
City Official
City Official

Artoo Fan Club Member
Artoo Fan Club Member
Artoo Fan Club Member
Artoo Fan Club Member

Coffee Shop Patron
Coffee Shop Patron

Cop #1
Cop #2
Bad Guy

Special Thanks
The Family of Robert George Edwards
Job Martin
Lleslle Aclaro
Dave Murphy
Keith London and the ILM Modelshop
Duncan Sutherland
Gary Gosner and the Novato Community Players
Diane Liasciandro and The Emergency Room Staff of Petaluma Valley Hospital
The Rafael Theatre
Lucas Online
Apple Computer Ltd.

Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier

Catering by Phyllis Eblan

Twentieth Century Fox Logo Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

Still Photos from "The Godfather", "Saturday Night Fever", "Up In Smoke", "Grease" and "Sliver" Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Still Photos from "American Graffiti" Courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing, Inc.

Film Footage from "I Dream of Jeannie" and "Partridge Family" Courtesy of Columbia TriStar Domestic Television

Still Photo from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" Courtesy of MGM Clip + Still

Still Photo of Ringo Starr Courtesy of MichaelOchsArchives.com

Still Photo from 50th Academy Awards Copyright (c) of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Television Promo
Part Three
Part Two
Part One

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