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2008 Watchlist; Category 2, Endangered.

The all-white Ixworth was created by Reginald Appleyard in 1932, taking its name from the village in Suffolk where he lived. Breeds used to produce the Ixworth were white Sussex, white Orpington, white Minorca, Jubilee and Indian Game.  The Ixworth is an excellent table bird with good egg-laying ability.

IxworthA recent scientific study at the Roslin Institute compared a range of different breeds of poultry for both laying and mean producing characteristics. Under comparative, experimental conditions Ixworth females weighed 4.03 kg at 55 weeks of age. Furthermore, of the traditional breeds tested, the Ixworth was second only to the Light Sussex in terms of egg production (0.74 eggs / day) and came second to the White Sussex for egg weight (63.6g).

The Ixworth is a good breed for traditional poultry meat production and commands high prices when sold in specialist outlets.

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