Interview Recap: Gail Kim

Interview conducted: December 6, 2004

Interview highlights:

- Kim was caught off guard by her WWE release. She couldn’t give any specific reason for her release, other than a business decision by WWE.

- Kim was told they wanted to go in another direction with the women’s division.

- She had no idea her release was coming, especially when she was on “Raw” the week she was let go.

- Kim is grateful that WWE allowed her to win the Women’s title. She didn’t feel pressure when she was given the title the first night on WWE television, but looking back, she recognizes the pressure it put on her development.

- Winning the WWE Women’s title was the highlight of her experience in the company, and learning from the veterans on the roster.

- The match Kim identifies as her best match in WWE was a match with Nidia on “Sunday Night Heat.”

- Gail is close to Nidia, and her reaction to her release was similar to Kim’s.

- Kim doesn’t feel she was given a fair shake in WWE. She felt she lacked character developmental and a new storyline.

- The collarbone injury in November 2003 devastated her. The injury kept her out for five months, and also suffered a ruptured breast implant that sidelined her for two weeks.

- Regarding a WWE return? She said you never know.

- Kim is disappointed about the new direction for WWE’s women division.

- She feels the women’s division was improving, and the girls would get compliments from the boys.

- Her most emotional phone call after her release was with Fit Finlay.

- Her fans have complimented Kim on her new submission style.

- Kim got her breast implants before entering WWE, and enlarged them after signing with the company, but felt no pressure from the company to do so.

- Kim admitted to having a 90-day no compete clause.

- Kim is in negotiations with other wrestling groups at this point, but would not identify which ones.

- Kim plugged her web site,

- She is pleased by the fan e-mail she has received since her release, and reads every message.

- Kim says Jazz and Nidia plan to continue to wrestle. Jazz has some interest in wrestling in Japan. She would like to work with Jazz since she didn’t do so in WWE.

- Jason Sensation introduced Kim to Molly Holly, who encouraged Kim to send in her tapes and pictures, which lead to her receiving a contract.

- Kim received a contract, and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for developmental as she worked on the road with WWE.

- Kim said that OVW is a great training ground for WWE.

- After training with Ron Hutchinson, Kim debuted under a mask as she was told she was “too pretty.” She eventually lost the mask in a hair vs. mask against Tracy Brooks.

- Kim found Hutchinson’s wrestling school on the web site. She recognized that Hutchinson had previously trained the likes of Edge, Christian, and Trish Stratus.

- Kim feels she’s a natural heel.

- If she is home, she will continue to watch WWE. She is eager to keep an eye on the women’s division.

- Kim loved wrestling growing up watching Tito Santana, the British Bulldog and Ricky Steamboat. She was thrilled to meet Santana last year at Madison Square Garden.

- Her closest friends on the roster were Nidia, Victoria and Stacy Keibler.

- Her friends in WWE were also surprised about her departure from the company.

- She recognizes that any girl would have taken WWE up on trying to compete for a diva contract during the recent diva search competition. Kim feels Christy Hemme is very charismatic.

- Kim didn’t have a problem doing ‘t&a’ matches as long as they didn’t do one every week.

- Her career goal at this point is to continue to wrestle. She realizes she has other opportunities.

- She would love to have a submission match with Chris Benoit as her “dream match.”

- She will keep her friends updated on her future plans on her web site, and says an announcement could be made in the next few weeks.