Your Brain Waves Change When You Watch TV -Low Alpha Waves Can Lead to "Mind Fog"

By Chris M. Carmichael, published May 17, 2007
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If you experience "mind fog" after watching television, you are not alone. Studies have shown that watching television induces low alpha waves in the human brain. Alpha waves are brainwaves between 8 to 12 HZ. and are commonly associated with relaxed meditative states as well as brain states associated with suggestibility.

While Alpha waves achieved through meditation are beneficial (they promote relaxation and insight), too much time spent in the low Alpha wave state caused by TV can cause unfocussed daydreaming and inability to concentrate. Researchers have said that watching television is similar to staring at a blank wall for several hours..

I enjoy watching television on occasion, and this article is not meant to suggest that people should never watch TV. However, it is only fair that people understand what happens to the brain each time it is exposed to television.

In an experiment in 1969, Herbert Krugman monitored a person through many trials and found that in less than one minute of television viewing, the person's brainwaves switched from Beta waves-- brainwaves associated with active, logical thought-- to primarily Alpha waves. When the subject stopped watching television and began reading a magazine, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.

One thing this indicates is that most parts of the brain, parts responsible for logical thought, tune out during television viewing. The impact of television viewing on one person's brain state is obviously not enough to conclude that the same consequences apply to everyone; however, research involving many others, completed in the years following Krugman's experiment, has repeatedly shown that watching television produces brainwaves in the low Alpha range

Your Brain Waves Change When You Watch TV -Low Alpha Waves Can Lead to "Mind Fog"

The TV brain is not at its best...

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This is to Scott Kessman, as fro being in a "permanent fog", I think the people you're referring to might be those with ADHD. But, I think that those people are in Beta Brainwaves.

Posted on 04/30/2008 at 7:04:41 PM

Who'da Thunk... Good info!

Posted on 07/07/2007 at 11:07:00 AM

Very informative article. I never watch TV but I experience brain fog most of the day. What's my excuse?

Posted on 06/06/2007 at 9:06:00 AM

Now I know what's wrong with me. Huh? ;P

Posted on 05/18/2007 at 10:05:00 PM

Great article. Interesting research.

Posted on 05/17/2007 at 8:05:00 PM

lol Scott--yeah I believe so.

Posted on 05/17/2007 at 6:05:00 PM

Can you be in a permanent mind fog? I think some people are...

Posted on 05/17/2007 at 5:05:00 PM

Lol Aly-- thanks! :) p.s. I rarely watch TV so I don't know what my excuse is. :)

Posted on 05/17/2007 at 5:05:00 PM

I bet it's even worse for reality TV junkies like myself - no wonder I can't proofread! REally interested article. I enjoy your work.

Posted on 05/17/2007 at 4:05:00 PM

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