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Xbox LIVE Arcade

Xbox LIVE® Arcade is the central destination for Xbox 360™ gamers to find, download, try, and buy smaller games on the Xbox 360 console. The Xbox LIVE Arcade offers a large catalog of fun, broad-appeal games that can be downloaded via Xbox LIVE.

Arcade is perfect for the hardcore gamer who's looking for bite-sized entertainment, or for a casual player looking to get into the game. The games offered in the Xbox LIVE Arcade come from a wide variety of genres, including puzzle games, retro arcade favorites, action games, card & board titles, and more. New games are released frequently on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, creating an ever-growing portfolio of titles for players to choose from each month.

Free Trial

Every Xbox LIVE Arcade game has a free trial version that can be downloaded to your hard drive or memory unit by anyone with an Xbox LIVE Silver or Gold membership! Download the game from Xbox LIVE and give it a try before deciding whether or not to purchase the full title. Xbox LIVE Arcade is powered by Xbox LIVE Marketplace, making the download and purchase process fast and efficient. If you decide you'd like to unlock the full version of an Arcade game, it's a simple press of a button to redeem some of your Microsoft Points, and the full game is yours to own and play.

Getting into the Xbox LIVE Arcade is easy. Simply navigate to the Xbox 360 Games Blade and choose the Xbox LIVE Arcade option. Once in the Arcade, players have the option to play games they have already downloaded or choose "Download Games" to add new titles to their collection. Every Xbox 360 system comes pre-loaded with the full version of Hexic® HD, an Xbox LIVE Arcade game from Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris®.

Full Feature Set

Every Xbox 360 Xbox LIVE Arcade game supports the full set of Xbox 360 features. These features include hi-definition output, achievements, gamerscores, custom soundtracks, and more. In fact, most Xbox LIVE Arcade games support multiplayer play over Xbox LIVE. What's more, some of the old-school coin-op games even support multiplayer play.

Imagine playing the original Midway classic arcade game Gauntlet® cooperatively over Xbox LIVE—you can make it happen in the Xbox LIVE Arcade! Along with Xbox LIVE multiplayer play, Xbox LIVE Arcade games also support cool around-the-game features like Arcade Achievements and Leaderboards, right from your personal Arcade games collection! Want to check out the latest achievements you've earned, or find out how your new high score stacks up against your friends? All of this is accessible in one easy place with the Xbox LIVE Arcade experience.

Excited yet? Don't take our word for it—fire up your Xbox 360 console now and check out all of the great games that are available in Xbox LIVE Arcade!

  • All Xbox LIVE Arcade games can be tried free before purchase.
  • Xbox LIVE Arcade games can fit onto your hard drive or memory unit.
  • Xbox LIVE Arcade games support high-definition output, achievements, gamerscores, and leaderboards.
  • Most Xbox LIVE Arcade games (including some retro titles) support multiplayer play over Xbox LIVE.
  • Hexic HD, a puzzle game from Alexey Pajitnov (creator of Tetris) comes pre-loaded on each Xbox 360 system at launch.

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