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Join Host Bob McDonald for Quirks and Quarks

About the Show

Quirks & Quarks is the award-winning radio science program of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The program is heard by a national audience in Canada of nearly 500,000 people, and by thousands more around the world on our weekly podcast.

For more than 30 years, Quirks & Quarks has brought its listeners to the cutting edge of scientific inquiry. Every week, the program presents the people behind the latest discoveries in the physical and natural sciences - from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the largest objects in the sky and everything in between. The program also examines the political, social, environmental and ethical implications of new developments in science and technology. Quirks & Quarks is a program for people fascinated by the world above, below and around them. And you don't need a PhD to enjoy it.

Awards and Accolades

Over its lifetime, Quirks & Quarks has won more than 70 national and international awards for science journalism. It is consistently rated the most enjoyed program by CBC Radio listeners.

The Producers

Behind the scenes, Bob works with a team of talented producers to bring you the show each and every week.

The Senior Producer is Jim Handman and the Producers are Jim Lebans and Pat Senson.

30 Years of Hosts

See our hosts over the history of the show in this gallery

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