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what is money?

Here's my attempt to dispel drug nonsense.

i've hacked asteroids for movitz. It's still not perfect but it's also better than before now more than ever! Here's an image. The source is in shambles after my cut-throat butchery of a couple files to get it working. One Day Soon it'll be sorted out and you'll see source. Meantime, here's some crusty source that used to work with clx and movitz but may or may not now and won't run on movitz without patches not included: Boink!. Rad huh?

See my Nethack ascension using nethack-el.

Check out my discovery of a nice, fast slurp-file function for Common Lisp.

Bratwurst Clone

Since what seems the beginning of time I've been writing bratwurst clones. Bratwurst is, of course, the classic 4 player amiga game. Look it up sometime. Here's my latest attempt: bratwurst.lisp. It has some crusty TCP networking and I update it from time to time. Keybindings for multiplayer on the same machine are prolly busted. You'll have to throw in your own bindings. Screenshot

Lisp Computing Environment (LiCE)

LiCE is the GNU Emacs clone I'm building.

git repository at

latest snapshot: lice-20050605.tar.gz

Here are some screenshots and news items.

2007/03/06We now have a more or less working implementation of undo
2007/03/06I've added a bunch of code for lisp code navigating and indenting. It mostly works, but not perfectly.
2007/02/20Using sb-posix and an error handler I was able to get LiCE to interrupt running lisp code with C-g and enter the debugger. No more infinite loops!
2007/01/15LiCE now has a rudimentary debugger. When an error occurs it shows a backtrace and you can hit q to return to the top level.
2007/01/15There's a flimsy subprocess implementation in LiCE now. It's at least good enough for a M-! binding.
LiCE screenshot The DREAM! After actually not all that much grinding, LICE works on Movitz. Finally, Emacs on the metal. You saw it here first! (Here is the kernel image. Note that it uses a dvorak map.)
LiCE screenshotHere's my cheap lisp-interactive-mode
LiCE screenshotColor! There's no defface yet...but look at the pretty colors!
LiCE screenshotHere's the beginnings of the mode-line
LiCE screenshotShowing off the window splitting