Beautiful Graphs for Ruby.

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August 18th, 2006
Scruffy 0.2.2 - Significant changes from 0.1.0! New layouts, better rendering, etc. Check out more examples at iBrasten.com

August 11th, 2006
Scruffy 0.1.0 - the first release intended for public use - has been posted!

What is Scruffy?

Scruffy is a Ruby library for generating attractive and powerful graphs, useful for web applications, print media and many others.

Scruffy's key features include:

  • Built on SVG Scruffy uses SVG internally for rendering graphs. This allows Scruffy to render your graph identically at almost any size.
  • Mix-n-Match Graphs A Scruffy graph isn't limited to a single graph type (line, bar, area, etc). You can specify a different type for every data set.
  • Snapshot Rendering You can render a Scruffy graph as many times as you want, and change any settings between renders. Data, colors, even the graph size and image type can all be changed for the next render.
  • Easily Extendable Scruffy is designed to be extremely extendible. Adding new graph types or themes can be done in as little as a few lines of code. If you need more control over your graphs, you can customize the layouts, data generation, almost anything.