Real live cartoons!
I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I would have given just about anything to go on a picnic with Yogi Bear, or sailing with Popeye, or play catch with Charlie Brown. The only problem was, alas... they weren't real. But what if they were?, what would they look like?

The rules for this contest are thus: make a photorealistic image which depicts what a cartoon character would look like if they came to life, as shown in our fun themepost. Do not insert a 2D image into a photo. Do NOT use existing live-action versions of the characters! (Do not, for example, use an image of Scooby-Doo from the movie... instead, create him using a photo of a real Great Dane). Entries using photorealistic images of characters from existing films and TV shows will be disqualified. Also and please, no Muppets (they aren't cartoons) and no superheroes (too many movies for us to patrol, plus it's too easy to just do a face swap).

Have fun, be creative. Don't forget the cliche list. As always, quality is a must. We will remove poor entries no matter how much we like you. You'll have 48 hours for this contest, so make your submission count.
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Alfred E. Newman
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Real Stewie
Return the device, or be destroyed!
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Gabe of Penny Arcade
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Peter Griffin real
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Peter Griffin, Family guy

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Tycho of Penny Arcade
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Calvin and Hobbes
There are a good dozen or more sources for this image. Sorry I couldn't post all of them, as I didn't keep good track, but here are a couple:

Calvin's Face is my son, Mr. Funny. Model released.

Hobbes' Hands
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The Real Little Mermaid.
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Real Krusty
Never enough time in the regular contests!

I was shooting for the "homer untooned" look.....not sure if it reads that way.

You decide! But you need to view full otherwise you cannot see the texture!

Here's a WIP

Leave comments thanks!

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