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  schlemiel Schlesinger, Arthur Meier  
   The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition.  2000.
VARIANT FORMS: or schlepp also shlep
VERB:Inflected forms: schlepped or schlepped also shlepped, schlep·ping or schlepp·ing, shlep·ping, schleps or schlepps, shleps
TRANSITIVE VERB: Slang To carry clumsily or with difficulty; lug: schlepped a shopping bag around town.
INTRANSITIVE VERB: To move slowly or laboriously: schlepped around with the twins in a stroller.
NOUN:1. An arduous journey. 2. A clumsy or stupid person.
ETYMOLOGY:Yiddish shlepn, to drag, pull, from Middle Low German slpen. See lei- in Appendix I.
OTHER FORMS:schlepper, schlepper, shlepperNOUN
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  schlemiel Schlesinger, Arthur Meier  
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