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Peter Gallagher - Official Website


The O.C.
Series Premiere: August 5, 2003 on FOX
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From the beginning, The O.C. has been and continues to be a wonderful experience. My new manager urged me to think about doing more television work and suggested I sit down with some of the people who cast the shows. It was a great idea. After a really nice meeting with the head of casting at the Fox network, Marcia Shulman, whom I hadn't seen in way too many years, she said there was a script she'd like to send me. She sent the script, it was The O.C., and I loved it.

I flew out to Los Angeles and met with Josh Schwartz, the writer and executive producer and his partner in the show, the film director McG. We all got along great and then I met with the network heads and executives and that went very well and I was offered the role of "Sandy Cohen," which I very happily accepted.

The process, which could've been brutal, was anything but, and I was the first fortunate actor to join the cast.

Since then, we're now in our third season, the scripts continue to be great - and I love working with the cast and crew. Our directors have been terrific. Doug Liman (one of our executive producers, who directed "Go" and "Swingers" and "The Bourne Identitiy") directed the pilot and the first episode, and helped establish the style and tone of the show. It's been a real pleasure working with many of the other directors as well.

For an actor, the most important thing is a good script, and it helps a lot if there is an audience for it. The O.C. has provided us with plenty of both, and it makes for a truly remarkable experience.