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Putty Squad (a.k.a. Silly Putty 2)

1995 - Developed by System 3 Arcade Software; Produced by Acclaim Entertainment


Here we have a superb platform game, which was to come out on Amiga, SNES, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), and PC. The Amiga version was already finished in August of 1994 but did not see a release at the time, because of a too nervous Amiga market. It was to hit the shelves later; however, that never happened. The SNES version was completed shortly after and is the only one that actually saw a release. The fate of the Sega Mega Drive version is completely unknown to us. Plenty to do for other GTW projects, obviously.

But it’s not that we know much about the PC port of Putty Squad... Work on it apparently began in mid-1995. In November of the same year, System 3 compiled and released a demo version, which included four playable levels. The full game never appeared for unknown reasons.




By CriticalStuff on 08.03.2007 09:52 IP:
For all the guys who won't test it, I found a video of that demo in action at YouTube:

Hope it's allowed to post this ...

By windowskiller [admin] on 24.12.2006 10:18 IP:
Of course, it does. You may have to use DOSBox ( to make it work on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, though.

By foxy on 24.12.2006 04:53 IP:
does this demo work at all ?

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