The Pui Tak Center is located in Chinatown's only historical landmark. it was designated a landmark by the commission on Chicago Landmarks on December 1, 1993. Constructed from 1926 to 1928, the building was originally built for the On Leong Merchants Association.

The On Leong Merchant Association provided for a Chinese language after-hours school for children, assistance for new immigrants, organized activities and celebrations, and established an informal judicial system that settled disputes between its members.

At the time, there were no architects of Chinese origin or descent licensed to practice in Illinois, nor were there any standing examples of traditional Chinese architecture in the state.

Architects Michaelsen and Rognstad received the commission for the On Leong Merchants Association Building in the Spring of 1926. Possibly in anticipation of this commision, or in response to it, the firm had in possession a number of books on historical Chinese architecture.

When plans on the On Leong Merchants Association Building were announced in the Chicago Tribune of July 4, 1926, it was called, "One of the most expensive and elaborate buildings ever erected in America by the Chinese."

from the Commission on Chicago's Landmarks' Staff Summary on the On Leong Merchants Association Building (September 1988).