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Das Offizielle Magazin #36
January 12, 2005

[ Das Offizielle Magazin #36 ]
[ Das Offizielle Magazin #36 ]
Star Wars Das Offizielle Magazin #36, the official magazine of the German Star Wars Fan Club, explores the Wookiees of Star Wars past and present, spotlighting actors Peter Mayhew and Wookiee newcomer Axel Dench. Fans of 1978's Star Wars Holiday Special will be pleased to discover an exclusive interview with the actor who portrayed Chewie's irrepressible nephew Lumpy, Patty Maloney. The Holiday Special's home world setting of Kashyyyk is also explored, from its original 1978 incarnation to its sophisticated facelift for Episode III.

Television's other Star Wars celebrities, the Ewoks, are remembered on the twentieth anniversary of their first televised adventure. And if classic TV specials aren't enough for fans of Star Wars yore, there's a look back at the formative and post classic trilogy years from 1973 to 1991 with all the famous events that occurred in and around the Star Wars saga. Classic trilogy content is topped off with 50 Facts About the Classic Star Wars Trilogy, which includes interesting stories and obscure behind-the-scenes rarities.

Of course, the latest and greatest Episode III updates and images are not to be missed in this issue, as well as Timothy Zahn's conclusion to his short story, "Changing Seasons." Newsstand issues also include a prize contest, letters from our readers, pin-up posters (Episode III teaser poster), book and comic news, and more.

For members of the Official German Star Wars Fan Club members, Journal of the Whills #36 delivers a retrospective of the German club, and also includes a list of the latest fan club art competition winners. The amazing collection of Thomas Müller is showcased, as well as the usual fandom news, extended letters from our readers, merchandise news, and fan-art. Subscriber issues are already on their way, with newsstand issues hitting the street January 12.

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