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Inside Lucasfilm Magazine #67
September 05, 2007

The latest issue of Lucasfilm Magazine -- the magazine of the Official French Star Wars Fan Club -- takes on a CGI tone as it peeks at the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series with a truly exclusive interview with the key talent behind the series -- Supervising Director Dave Filoni and Producer Catherine Winder. In order to celebrate the new series Lucasfilm Magazine will feature two Clone Wars covers, the one with Yoda in the front for newsstands, and the other exclusive to subscribers.

The issue includes an update with producer Rick McCallum on the new movie Red Tails as well as on the upcoming Star Wars live-action TV series. In addition, this issue is jam-packed with news and previews on the fourth adventure of Indiana Jones. Two lucky readers of the Lucasfilm Magazine who happened to be on the set of the new Indiana Jones movie in New Haven, Connecticut, report from the scenes complete with an incredible encounter with director Steven Spielberg and actor Shia LaBeouf.

Also in this issue -- a trip to L.A. for French fans who were not able to travel to California last May, with an exclusive tour of Celebration IV. There's more to Malastare than just Podracing. In the "Unseen Planets of Episode I," author Daniel Wallace takes readers on a guided tour of a handful of planets mentioned in Episode I ("They come from the moons of Iego, I think") but not seen.

As the sci-fi drama hit "Heroes" just finished airing on French TV TF1, discover how actor Masi Oka ended up working at Industrial Light & Magic long before he landed a starring role. "The Star Wars Effect: Part 2 The Unseen Force" explores the influence of the saga throughout the film industry in a less obvious way. Finally find the latest info on the up coming 30th anniversary Star Wars Reunion II, next October's official French convention.

Be sure to catch up on all your favorite columns and regular features including Skywalker Reporter, Toy Story, Bantha Tracks, the newest merchandise catalog, Dr. Jones' mail bag and much more.

Lucasfilm Magazine #67 has started shipping to subscribers and will be available on French newsstands on September 11.

For more information on the Official French Fan Club, visit their website here.

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