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About Us
Greetings from JZ Knight

JZ Knight, the Channel

Who is JZ Knight
My Name Is JZ Knight
We Chose Our Body and Our Genetics
Lessons of Life
Ramtha Appears to JZ in 1977
Learning How to Leave My Body
Miracle Healing
Teaching the Great Work Through a Woman
Ramtha's School Of Enlightenment

Who is JZ Knight

JZ Knight was born March 16, 1946 in Roswell, New Mexico to a family of migrant farmworkers. She was the eighth child in the family and spent her early childhood in the cotton fields while her mother worked picking cotton. JZ Knight, through hard work and dedication, became a very successful businesswoman. Her professional work was interrupted by Ramtha, who started her on a journey of self-discovery and mastership. JZ was part of Ramtha's life historically as one of his beloved adopted children, Ramaya.

One of the more controversial aspects of Ramtha's teachings is the form in which he chose to deliver his message. The form in which he communicates his teachings is through the phenomenon called channeling. In fact, it was Ramtha who made the term known in the late 1970s.

Ramtha chose JZ Knight and prepared her to channel him, using her body to teach his message in person. A channel is different from a medium in that the channel is not the intermediary between the consciousness coming through her and the audience. The channel does not remain in a transfixed altered state while channeling; rather she leaves her body completely and allows the consciousness coming through to have full faculty over all her bodily movements and functions. Ramtha, while being channeled through JZ Knight, has the ability to open his eyes, walk, dance, eat and drink, laugh, speak, converse, and teach his students personally. JZ Knight is the only channel he has chosen and uses to deliver his message.

Ramtha's choice to channel his message through a woman rather than using his own physical body is making the statement that God and the divine are not the prerogative of men alone and that women have always been worthy expressions of the divine, capable of genius and of being God realized. It is also asserting that what is important is not the worshiping of the messenger or a face or an image - which caused the collapse of so many efforts to enlighten in the past - but to listen to the message itself. It is also making the statement that the true essence of the human person is not limited to the physical body or a specific gender. The phenomenon of channeling is made possible, therefore, within the framework of Ramtha's own science. In other words, channeling as it happens in the person of JZ Knight is possible only if Ramtha's teachings are true.

The veracity of this phenomenon points to the truth of Ramtha's message. This is an important point to consider because the advance of science has developed tests and equipment that can scrutinize this phenomenon and study it from a physiological, neurological, and psychological point of view. Scientific techniques now exist to study the phenomenon of channeling by JZ Knight and to rule out the possibility of fraud. These scientific studies took place in 1996 when a distinguished panel of twelve scholars - comprised of neuroscientists, psychologists, sociologists, and religious experts - studied JZ Knight before, during, and after channeling Ramtha.

After they conducted their scientific research studies, using the latest technology and equipment available, they concluded that the readings taken from JZ Knight's autonomic nervous system responses were so dramatic that they categorically ruled out any possibility of conscious fakery, schizophrenia, or multiple personality disorder. JZ Knight is very much loved for her passion for learning and exploring mind, her dedication to the Great Work, and her love of God and the divine in all, as well as the simplicity with which she is able to articulate the great questions about who we are, where do we come from, and what destiny is ultimately available to us. She continues to channel Ramtha and bring his teachings to the world through Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, which she calls "The Quintessential School of the Mind."

For her detailed autobiography, see JZ Knight, A State of Mind: My Story. Yelm: JZK Publishing, a division of JZK, Inc., 2004.

My Name Is JZ Knight

I want to introduce myself. My name is JZ Knight. I am the channel for Ramtha the Enlightened One, which is kind of a unique concept to try to explain, so I am coming out here today. I don't usually do this with beginning groups, but I like to come because it gives you a reference point. When you see Ramtha, then you will begin to understand the difference between who Ramtha is and who I am.

This was my body in this incarnation, and I say this incarnation because it is my truth that I have lived many, many lives prior to this existence; that the body to my Spirit, to my soul, is like a garment, like clothing that I am wearing for a lifetime, and I inadvertently chose this body because of its genetic makeup. It was predisposed to certain material abilities that would allow my Spirit and my soul to subsequently come into life, and after I reached a certain age, to be able to construct meaningful thought, that from that meaningful thought I could pursue life instead of life pursuing me. And by that I mean that the body that I chose in this lifetime had certain abilities that would allow me to create a life that would challenge my ignorance. And you will understand from Ramtha that challenging one's ignorance is not an embarrassing thing to say.

It is just a fact that we use less than a tenth of our brain. And everyone in this audience is pretty much on the same level. So we have two-thirds of our brain makeup that we don't even use, that obviously through evolution has been preserved for some moment when the Spirit - or the consciousness, the soul, whatever you wish to call it - suddenly wakes up inside of the body and can start designing thoughts, that the brain has a capacity to absorb, and to construct holographically that in turn affects their life.

So in this lifetime, this was my genetic body. I am a Spirit but not in the sense that you may have heard superstitiously. I am an incarnated substance, just like you are, but I can only be seen on this level when I wear a body that I can animate and express through. It may be your truth; it may just be a philosophy. It may be a religious belief, but this is what I have come to understand.

Now given that and having said that, then we begin to understand how channeling another consciousness can be accomplished in one body, that effectively two levels of consciousness can use the same body. And an example of that would be like you have bought a suit of clothes and you have worn that suit of clothes and those clothes fit you pretty well. And then you have a friend who needs a suit but doesn't have one, so you let him have your suit, let him borrow the suit. Well, he gets in the suit and his arms are a little longer than the cuffs, and maybe the waist is a little tight, but he starts to wear the suit. When the suit comes back to you, it has different wrinkles in it than when you wore it. So what did I just tell you? I have a lot of wrinkles.

We Chose Our Body and Our Genetics

Ramtha is a consciousness � I hesitate to say Spirit because it has such connotations attached to it, such ignorant connotations attached it � a personality who, on a level that some of you can relate to, lived here 35,000 years ago. I understand that saying 35,000 years ago, some of you went sort of like I did because you think of cavemen chewing on bones and stuff. But in effect there was a very intelligent civilization that lived here 35,000 years ago. And some of those ruins are being discovered on the plain of Nicaea and some stones that they have been digging up in the Sumerian Valley that attest to this civilization.

In Ramtha's time, he had a lifetime in which he was born into a garment. His body was what we call in modern terms a Lemurian. That means if we look at a geological map of the world and we look at its geological grid, we would place Lemuria where the Pacific Ocean is and on the west coast of Washington or the Pacific Northwest. This particular area of the world 35,000 years ago had a thriving spiritual civilization that went back even further to the time of dinosaurs, and that we had very intelligent people who lived or coexisted with reptilian beings.

Ramtha chose to be a Lemurian because his genetics that he chose were from a group of people who believed that they came here from somewhere else, so they worshiped the midnight sky and they called that home. So Ramtha inherited a longing, and it was genetically in him.

The lifetime of Ramtha has been ridiculed by the press and the media, by ignorant people who cling to the concept that modern-day man is the epitome of civilization and culture, when in reality modern man lacks an enormous amount of civilization and culture � and that their concept that a Spirit could come from 35,000 years ago — and what could he possibly teach you? — has been a point of ridicule.

My body I chose because I grew up in a family that was very poor. And I was born literally in the cotton field, and my mother was a cotton picker. And we lived in a one-room shack and I was second to the baby. I had six brothers and two sisters � one drowned. I was born into an environment that was not educated but also had no set standard of culture, so I was allowed to develop as a young child not in the constraints of social thinking.

I wasn�t the pretty little girl that was born into the Leave it to Beaver family that had to do everything right and belong to all the right clubs and do all the right things and read all the right books and wear all the right clothes. I was just one of a lot of kids that a poor woman had, and she was trying to keep her family together. That freedom allowed me to learn, and it allowed me to develop an interior strength. And that strength came because I wasn�t taught that it mattered what other people thought about me, so I was able to develop my love of God, which was innate in me. And this voice that I heard in my head ever since I was a little child, I was able to keep hearing the voice. And nobody wanted to know what I thought anyway. So I never had anybody�s opinions to worry about, so I was able to develop in total anonymity. That gave me the strength to do this work.

Lessons of Life

In Ramtha�s lifetime � I was in his lifetime, as many of you lived in his lifetime, and we all had an incarnation there � Ramtha went from a barbarian to an egomaniac to an enlightened soul, who really became enlightened because he was betrayed and suffered a mortal wound that allowed him to contemplate his misspent youth, as he says. For the rest of his life, his love for the Unknown God began to unfold as he watched nature, and he had absolute freedom to do that.

In my life I had absolute freedom to observe nature and to have the opportunity to go to church and to study what God was about. But the God of the Bible and the God of the textbook were in direct conflict with the God that I saw in the wind and that I saw in flowers and that I felt and that I had inspiration from. But I got to learn about that.

When Ramtha ascended in his lifetime, he ascended because he was a conqueror by Spirit. And he had conquered himself inasmuch as he had conquered all of his lacks and limitations in his lifetime. Literally everything that was unknown to him he pursued, so essentially Ramtha conquered the humanity of himself. And his next level was to conquer the wind or to go beyond. And if God, as he says, is totally unlimited, then who is to say that this great being of antiquity, that is referred to by Edgar Cayce, did not in fact leave his body and become the wind, and that if he is a Spirit, what would have kept him from being that? Nothing, because he had the focus. He had the warrior in him that allowed him to pursue God without any constraint or without any images.

And Ramtha made a promise to his people after he communed with them for 120 days on the northeastern side of the Indus River, right upon the borders of Tibet. And he gathered all of his people together and he tried to teach them what he had learned and what their journey had been about, and that there was another journey, except the journey that was ahead was not about miles or kilometers or distances but was essentially a journey of the Spirit. And the only way Ramtha could explain the Spirit to them is he used the analogy of a man with wings; that if man had wings and he could fly away, then that was the Spirit.

So in 120 days, he taught his people everything that he knew. He taught them about his Lemurian background, his conquest of the Atlatians, his coming together and conquering himself � his anger, his bitterness. He conquered his fear, and the next conquest lay beyond death.

When he had finished, he told his people, �One day, far from this moment, I will come back and I will teach you again,� and with that Ramtha ascended and disappeared. His army split up. Part of his army went into Turkey; another part went into Mongolia; the other part settled into what we now know as Northern India, Northern and Southern Tibet, and Northern and Southern China.

Ramtha Appears to JZ in 1977

So my life went its usual route. And I got a high-school education. I learned to read and write and do all of those wonderful civilized things. I had difficulty dealing with people, in a sense, when I was young because people didn�t understand what I was telling them, didn�t understand God was something more than someone sitting on a cloud judging us.

When I got into high school, I was spiritually restless. After I graduated from high school, I went to business school. And this entity started appearing to me in my life. By appearing, I mean that I would have the sense that somebody was standing beside me, or I would have dreams where I would take a nap and I would get paralyzed and I couldn�t wake up. And I would be in a room where I couldn�t see and I could hear conversations going on. I also had extraordinary experiences with UFOs.

And so when I was ready � in 1977 in my kitchen, in February, in Tacoma, Washington � I was playing with some pyramids with at that time my husband-to-be, who was a dentist. And we were making pyramids because we hiked in the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges and the rage at that time was that you could put all this food under pyramids and it would dehydrate. So we had baloney and wine and sandwiches and cheese and milk; you know, we had pyramids all over the house, and you really couldn�t walk into the bathroom.

I put one on my head and I thought, well, if this will do this to baloney, what will it do with my brain? So I put it on my head and started laughing. And I picked it up and there was this glitter at the end of my little kitchen � this glitter, like you would take a handful and turn it loose through a ray of sunshine � and there were these lights happening at the end of my kitchen, and I was just mesmerized. And there appeared this seven-foot-tall entity who was as big as life and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. And he had this big beautiful smile on his face. He had long fingers and long hands, black dancing eyes.

And what do you say to something that appears in your kitchen on Sunday afternoon? You say, �You are so beautiful. Who are you?� And that is exactly what I said. And he looked at me. He was wearing what looked like a white, long undershirt, but it wasn�t an undershirt; it was like a robe. And then he had a deep purple robe over it. And when he pointed, this robe fell away from his arm, and that is why I knew he had these long, beautiful fingers and this beautiful hand.

And he looked at me and he said, �Beloved woman, I am Ramtha the Enlightened One, and I have come to help you over the ditch.� And, well, what would you do? And I didn�t understand that because I am a simple person, so I looked to see if the floor was still underneath the chair. And he said, �It is called the ditch of limitation.� And he said, �I am here, and we are going to do grand work together.�

So all of that day this individual spent talking to me. My husband spent the time watching a compass that we had used to align these pyramids to true north, watching it spinning around so fast that he couldn�t even see the needle any longer. And that was Ramtha�s magnetic field that he was giving off, and he was ionizing the air in the kitchen because that part he could see. He couldn�t see Ramtha.

That started a journey with a being that I had to define. And I thought he was an angel, but I didn�t see any wings. So then I got suspicious. So then I thought maybe he was the devil. You know, there is this quote in the Book of Revelations that says Satan will appear in the last days as an angel of light. And I just thought what have I done to cause this to happen. What sin have I committed that was this bad, you know. And so I went through all of these things because I couldn�t rationalize something that nobody could see � that only I could see � but definitely had an effect on its surroundings.

So this was in 1977 in February, and so I sort of went through an interesting two years with Ramtha in a study: first defining what God was and then what the devil was, and then realizing that there was no such thing; and that coming to accept that, I had to accept that there were such beings that lived outside of the realm of human perception, and that they only appear to us when we are open enough to see them.

Learning How to Leave My Body

So Ramtha spent two years teaching me and guiding me on everything. He was fascinated with my stove; you know, I had a gas stove. And he would be teaching me about some things on quantum mechanics and the nature of the Void, and he would be turning up the fire on the stove, and it would go up and down, and up and down. He just thought that was terrific to have a stove; you know, fire, instant fire, and it was blue. He thought that was wonderful.

The impact that this had on my children was quite dramatic. I have two children, two sons and two years apart. And they always knew that this being was around because when they were little children, they had a friend they called �ghost.� And they both saw this guy, and this guy always protected them. And they had a name for him. And he would leave footprints in the carpet. And we would say, �Isn�t that sweet; you have got a little ghost all of your own, you know, a seven-foot-tall ghost all of your own.�

And when Ramtha started teaching me how to leave my body, this was very interesting because it was like dying. And he said, "This is what you are going to experience the moment of death." Well, what would you do? If he comes up to you and he says, "You are going to die, but it won't hurt, and it will only be a little short while and then you are going to come back," would you trust this guy? It is like an anesthesiologist: Now go to sleep and be nice, you know. Ramtha said, �This is what you have to do,� and he gave me some words I had to say and a focus point. And he worked with me and he said, "This is how I used to leave my body. This is how I developed this companionship with the wind."

And so I get to a point and I would focus on this artificial vase of plastic daisies in front of me that were sitting on the coffee table. And I am sitting on this chair, and I would get to this point and nothing would happen. He said, �You don't have to hold your breath to die. Why do you have to hold your breath? You don�t have to hold your breath. You don't have to grip the chair. Just relax.�

So I did it again. And then all of a sudden I was chasing that light at the end of the tunnel and this wind was whizzing by me. And the moment I hit that light that was so bright, I was up against a light wall. And I remember I never saw Ramtha but I remember him talking to me. And he was talking, and it was really beautiful and loving. He said, "Now you are your true self at this moment. This moment is who you really are, and you have left your body behind."

And I noticed that in that moment I had no pain. I had no concept of weight. I had no concept of dimension because I had no body in order to define dimension. And I noticed that at that point I had no fear. I felt like this was the most natural place. Like a fish in the ocean, I felt like this was my natural ocean. And then he brought me back and I noticed my body; my heart was beating very, very fast. And I noticed it took awhile for my body to just calm down � and it did � because while I was gone, Ramtha put his energy into the body. He wore it for forty-five minutes. And when he left it, I put it back on. So that began this incredible journey with this teacher. And so the idea was, okay, now that I am teaching you to leave your body and that you understand who you really are, this is what we are really going to do.

And now I am a housewife making cherry pies, and I am a homeroom mother. I have football and baseball that I have to attend to every day after school. And now I am going to channel for people? I am going to die for an audience? Where am I going to do this?

Miracle Healing

So this one day I was upstairs and I was thinking about this, and my son Brandy came home. Now Brandy is my oldest; I am going to introduce him to you shortly. He had developed an allergic reaction to life. He was in the sixth grade in school. He had developed allergies, that he was allergic to everything but water. I mean, he was even allergic to peanut butter. They took this graph on his back where they do these little squares and they scratch and they drop things into it, and the doctor said, �You know, we have a real problem here. This kid is allergic to everything.� So Brandy had to have a special serum made up where he had to have these shots twice a week, and they were very uncomfortable shots.

So he had just had a shot, and he came home from school as I am about to try another out-of-body experience in my bedroom. And he comes running in the house and he has a friend with him. And he is all upset and he is crying because he has had an attack at school and all the kids started making fun of him. And his face swelled up really bad. His hands swelled up, and he was red, and he had a rash all over his body, and he came running in the room. And so I immediately reach over for the telephone and I am going to call the doctor. And the Ram is standing in the corner, and he says, �You don�t need to do that. Why don�t you let his God heal him.�

So what do you do? Do you let God or do you let Dr. Quigley? Who do you trust more? So I just hung up. I said fine. So he was very calm and he said, �Have him come sit in front of you.� So I said, �Brandy, come over here and sit.� And all of a sudden Brandy got really calm and he sat down. And he had a little pie face on him and his big swollen hands. And his friend was right behind him watching. And I just said, �Ramtha said close your eyes and repeat these words.� So I put my hands on top of his hands, and Ram was talking to me and he told me what to say. And Brandy was in such pain that he was in total acceptance, so I gave him the prayer. He repeated it. And when Brandy was finished and we opened our eyes, in less than a minute his face was normal and his hands were normal.

And it was so shocking to me, I didn�t know what I was looking at. His friend just kept saying, �Cool. That was cool, cool. How did you do that?� And I am just sitting there; I can�t believe it. And he gets up and he is looking at me, and he goes and looks at his hands. And he just runs to the mirror and he looks at himself, and he just starts screaming. And he is jumping on the bed and making a scene. And I don�t know what to say. I am so grateful and I am so touched and I am so astonished. This is better than Dr. Quigley any day of the week.

Brandy, in less than a minute, was cured of every allergy that he had. And it was that miracle that was the turning point in my commitment to Ramtha and whatever he had in store for this work. And I would like to introduce him. This is my son Brandy. Many of you will recognize him. Come forward.

I am sure you will want to talk to him and confirm this, but it was his miracle that convinced me that whatever was happening in our life was beautiful and godlike, and I was ready to dedicate my life to him. And my son is alive and healthy today, has no allergies. He has a few complaints, but that is about all. And so I am grateful because my son is alive today, and I am here, and Ramtha is doing his Great Work. So I wanted you to meet Brandy.

Teaching the Great Work Through a Woman

So after that I said, �So what do I do and where do I sign up?�

And Ramtha said, �Well, I am going to, with your permission, use your body for a period of time.�

And I said, �Yes. What are you going to do with it?�

And he said, �Well, I am going to use it to teach.�

I thought, �Well, why would you want to use my body? You are beautiful. Why don't you just come on out and show it how it is.�

And he said, �It doesn't work that way,� he said, �because people in this civilization are image prone and they are idol prone. They have been immersed in the Catholic religion. They have been immersed in the Christian tradition. They believe God lives outside of them instead of inside of them. They believe that God is a man. They believe that Christ was a man. They believe in images but not in themselves. So,� he said, �I remain imageless.� He said, �But I am going to teach through your body, and everyone knows it is not my body.�

And I said, �Yes, but I am a woman. I am a girl. I have, you know, things.�

And he said, �I know.� He said, �Women are the most prejudiced group of people that ever lived because women have never been afforded the divine right of God, and they have no ally in heaven.� That is what he said. And he said, �So women have been abused by men and herded by men through religion to perform according to those religious doctrines. And in fact women were despised by Jehovah. So,� he said, �it is important that when the teachings come through, they come through the body of a woman so that women, when they hear, realize that God isn�t a father but God is also a mother, and that God is both father and mother and neither; and that the Christ is not a man but has been many men and now will be many women; and that to be a son of God is also to be a daughter of God.�

And he said, �The greatest quest is for women to take the equality of their divinity and utilize it without any encumbrances from any men.� And he said, �To tell a woman to go and look in the mirror and say now you are looking in the face of God is a challenge, because they don't believe you. If you tell a woman go and look in the face of God, and you send them to a chapel and you have them look in the face of a suffering Jesus hanging on the cross, they will believe you. But they don't believe in themselves.� I understood that.

So Ramtha then wears my body in this lifetime. And I have loaned it to him, and he wrinkles it differently than I do. And when he wears the garment, he has actually got a whole band of energy around the body, and he is pressing a level of mind to this brain of mine. Now this is my brain; this is not his brain. This brain has been conditioned through my life; it works my vocal cords and it works my body. And if he tells it to move this arm, this arm is going to move just like I move it, but he may use it differently. When he talks to you, he is going to be talking to you through my mouth, but it is not my words; it is his words. When he looks at you, you are going to know you got looked at. When he touches you, you are going to know you have been touched. And when he loves you, you are going to know you have been loved. And it isn�t my body that is loving you but it is a divine consciousness that we all are.

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Ramtha has close to three thousand students in his school, and these people love him with such a passion. And yet most people have never seen Ramtha, but they love him because he resonates to their viability. He is more real than they are in their body. And all he is doing � not undermining the Christian faith or undermining the Jewish faith or anything � is simply demonstrating what God is according to his philosophy. And he will teach you a philosophy.

But if you go to school with Ramtha, philosophy is not enough. He will initiate you into it so that truth becomes subjective instead of objective, so that when he tells you that God lives within you and he shows you how to manifest that power and you manifest that power, then you start to believe it. And so then your search for God ends and your quest for the journey inside begins. He remains imageless because if he were to take you out of your body, you would be imageless too.

Where Ramtha is in a state of consciousness is where all of us, including myself and the advanced students in this school, all want to go. And our idea of mastership is that we want to master our humanity, our limitations, and open our minds to new frontiers of potential and knowledge. And we want to learn how to take that knowledge and better our lives and everyone else�s life. We are not a militia conspiring against the government. You know, we are knocking on the door of heaven. We are busy doing that. People are fighting behind our backs; we are knocking on the doors of heaven. That is where we are.

We are not a cult, although we do love the sacred. And the sacred to us are those disciplines that we learn and those truths that we learn. When someone says, �Well, what are you doing?� You say, �Well, I am learning Consciousness & Energy�.� And they say, �Well, what is that?� There are some aspects of it that you can�t tell people. And it isn�t that you are trying to hide anything. It is just that, you know, there will come a time when you can never tell anybody anything; they have to experience it, just like you are going to experience it.

So in those realms, we call that the sacred. Ramtha�s school is immersed in the sacred. And there has never been anyone in this school that has ever been harmed. We don�t worship the devil. We don�t worship anything negative. We are in love with the principle, and that principle is not Ramtha but ourselves.

So as the original picker-upper of this body that is going to give it to Ramtha, I welcome you to Ramtha�s class. It has taken a long time for my family, myself, and these people to hold their dignity in the face of such outrageous opposition. And we are proud today to come together to celebrate with you an option to meet an outrageous entity that, if you like what he says, will teach you how to become the master of your own destiny. Whether you learn it or not is up to you. Whether you accept it or not is up to you; nobody has to.

So I welcome you to Ramtha�s School of Enlightenment, and I know you are going to have a great and wonderful day. Thank you.

* This introduction to beginning students by JZ Knight was taken from Ramtha Dialogues� Tape 324, Beginning C&E;� Workshop, October 7-8, 1995.

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