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Dude, where’s my white privilege?

kill whitieI take it back. This is now officially the most asinine thing I’ve ever read. Actually, it’s more disgustingly racist than asinine. The Washington Post describes the latest craze amongst the (white) hipster set:

Tha Pumpsta, who happens be white, has built a following in the past few years by staging monthly “Kill Whitie” parties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for large groups of white hipsters. His proclaimed goal, in between spinning booty-bass, Miami-style frenetically danceable hip-hop records that are low on lyrical depth and high on raunchiness, is to “kill the whiteness inside.”

What that means, precisely, is debatable, but it has something to do with young white hipsters believing they can shed white privilege by parodying the black hip-hop life. In this way, they hope to escape their uptight conditioning and get in touch with the looser soul within them.

Essentially, these parties are creating a safe space where white people who are scared of black people can get together and enjoy/mock black culture without worrying about retribution from black people. My favorite quote is this:

A regular Kill Whitie partygoer, she tried the conventional (that is, non-hipster) hip-hop clubs but found the men “really hard-core.” In this vastly whiter scene, Casady said that “it’s a safe environment to be freaky.”

In other words, “black men scare me, but I still want to be slutty so I come here to this non-threatening, all-white environment instead.” Ridiculous. You know that these parties are filled with women who clutch their handbags tighter and turn their rings around whenever a black man gets too close to them.

Thankfully, one of our own pointed out the inherent racism of these parties:

Sekaran, a native New Yorker from a mixed-race family — part black, part South Asian — occasionally works as a deejay and knows all about hipster irony. “That doesn’t make it any less disturbing,” Sekaran said. “Their attitude is, ‘It’s our privilege to do this because we’re in our own little clique, in our own little world.’ “

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  1. Mixed Media Watch - tracking media representations of mixed people on 29 Jun 2006 at 5:30 am

    […] Apparently he and Sandra Bernhard are on the same “hipsters like us are beyond race so it’s ok for us to spew racist garbage because it’s like, you know, meta and post-modern and stuff” bandwagon, along with Kill Whitey and Blackface Jesus. […]


  1. Renu wrote:

    oh my…
    hipsters trying to justify racist nonsense… I’d say something smarmy but I’m too busy throwing up after reading this ridiculous story.

  2. Kaonashi wrote:

    How STUPID can people be?

  3. Lyonside wrote:

    acting “hip-hop” is freaky…. by extention, black people (and others) for whom hip-hop is part of their culture are freaks? And that shows respect for

    Funny, this reminds me of my grade school. I went to a 95% white private school (2 AA boys, 1 Filapino and 2 biracial girls out of 60 kids in my class, but we were one of the more diverse grades). As soon as puberty hit, all the popular boys were wearing backward caps, calling each other homie, and going “wassup.” It was around 1990 and NWA was big.

    But then they’d laugh at what they were doing… which was usually being the son of a congressman or the heir-apparent to Mrs. Paul’s.

  4. Enrique wrote:

    Are you people insane??

    If you really knew what was going on w/ Kill Whitey,
    you wouldn’t find a Washington Post article believable in the first place.

    here’s the real story of the pumpster (whom I’ve know since he was a tiny lad)

    1. the article itself suggests that the pumpster want to “kill the white inside,” yet states that it will be hard to do since he must, according to Mrs. Garcia, change his outside appearance - blonde hair, blue eyes, milky skin.
    I ask Mrs. Garcia…do you think being white automatically means you have a certain color of skin, hair, or eyes? Don’t be fooled. There are many many people in Mexico, Central, and South America who look “white” but obviously aren’t. Please don’t judge on race by skin tone, especially if your writing for a major newspaper.

    2. Also, Mrs. Garcia never mentions the pumpsters partner in throwing these parties…..
    a black lesbian. And she talked to her for hours during the interview. Check the facts.

    3. the Pumpster grew up in the ATL, where blacks domininate, and most whites are rednecks. In reality, these white rednecks are the only one’s being mocked by the kill whitey parties…..KILL THE WHITENESS INSIDE, the pumpster states.

    4. If people have a problem with white hipsters enjoying hip-hop
    (old skool hip hop even) then stop hating because people have a variety of tastes in music.

    5. Sorry Mrs. Garcia, you are ignorant.

    6. I’m black/puertorican you idiots.

  5. Lonnie wrote:

    This really shows you that white folks are so damn dumb and phony. I guess I’ll host a heavy metal and punk party for all my black headbanging friends now where we can really escape our whiteness (hahahaha)

  6. Cave Bitch wrote:

    This website itself is racist. The only irony I see is that you preach about racism, when clearly your hate for “the white man” has clouded your judgment on any race issue. You assume that every white person is; the same, racist (openly or otherwise) and scared of black people. Your ignorance is laughably obvious. Because of this I HAVE to assume that I cannot trust what this particular article says. If it is anything like the rest of your largely hypocritical website, the source is biased and exaggerated.

  7. Cave Bitch wrote:

    “This really shows you that white folks are so damn dumb and phony”

    ^ You have clearly moderated this and allowed it. Yet you are against racism? I could be here all day pointing out the large volume of hypocrisy that your website is drowning in. Even if these particular “white folks” were “damn dumb” and “phony” (which I don’t doubt they are…) you would allow this mass generalisation? Funny shit.

  8. williamsburg hiphop hip-starr wrote:

    white demonization.

    of course the party looks awful. i think it is being made to look much worse than it probably is. i haven’t been to it but i saw pictures ‘’ didn’t look very fun. i don’t think it’s hate crime. it’s funny–”kill the whiteness?” the funniest/most disturbing part is the fact that whitey is spelled incorrectly. jokes about fried chicken are either totally off limits 100% or the public domain and in need of airing. a dialogue is being stirred up, but…

    …nobody talks about the fact that POOR WHITE PEOPLE LIKE HIPHOP. a massive proportion of hiphop record buyers are white. white people all over america are emulating what they think is hiphop culture! JAPANESE people, maori people, native african people, burmese people are all frontin’, but is that bad? come on, this is like proto-beatniks wearing zoot suits. these kids, some are probably ignorant and silly, but as a white hipster who loves hiphop and grew up poor and waiting in the same soup kitchen lines as all kinds of colors of people, i don’t think it is as much of a race story as a class story. white people get down in black culture all the time. who is “passing”? whose business is it anyway?

    i totally get what the girl in the article was saying about all-black clubs being too hardcore. white hipster guys are absolutely restrained when it comes to sexual aggressiveness. the hipster environment would create room to dance sexually without that kind of aggressiveness you find in more “authentic” hiphop clubs. i put “authentic” in quotation marks because white hiphop hipsters often have better taste in hiphop than inner-city black kids who are busy debating the merits of commercial types like jay-z and nas. white kids are much more likely to have heard of non-phixion etc. etc. and appreciate it sincerely. i think there’s a lot of respect and this kind of goofing is a self-mockery that says, “we will NEVER be as cool as the descendents of kidnapped africans and we know it!” which is untrue and degrading for us. it’s a wish to just get over it. the whole self-conscious pain and tension of american race culture.

  9. It's offical wrote:

    Hip-hop is so over. Yawn.

  10. dewfish wrote:

    this is stupid and blatantly racist. “Its not as bad as it looks”. please. Anyone that can look at that and say there’s nothing wrong with it is racist. Upper class white people with too much time on their hands.

  11. Aquarius wrote:

    I agree with Cave Bitch!!! As the saying goes…. People who live in glass houses….

  12. Mpenzi32 wrote:

    I think there are a lot of good points brought up here,(with the exception, of course of “This really shows you that white folks are so damn dumb and phony”.That individual clearly missed the point of this whole forum.)

    I’m still undecided about the concept of the party and the true motive behind them, but it makes me uneasy. The fact they are endorsed by a black lesbian and black/puerto rican seems ironic, to say the least. I’m not sure that makes the whole thing OK. That’s like saying it’s OK for music videos to exploit women because the women are participating in them willingly. People don’t always use their heads.

  13. Merq wrote:

    >>i put “authentic” in quotation marks because white hiphop hipsters often have better taste in hiphop than inner-city black kids who are busy debating the merits of commercial types like jay-z and nas. white kids are much more likely to have heard of non-phixion etc. etc. and appreciate it sincerely.<<

    You know, man… I was with you up until THAT point. That just smacks of the age-old White Superiority, where people move into other cultures and believe their “refinement” and all-around white superiority qualifies you to be the only worthy critic/tastemaker in said culture.

    Just like how every Action/Adventure flick has the white hero traveling to faraway lands, where he absorbs the culture, becomes better at its forms (e.g., martial arts) than the natives, and (of course) ends up with the girl. Such bullshit, my friend. Such bullshit.

  14. Merq wrote:

    To the moderators:

    I don’t know what happened to my post (or my comments, after the bit i quoted). Was it deemed offensive/inflammatory or something? I can’t imagine it would.

    By the way, great job on the site.

  15. Merq wrote:

    “i put “authentic” in quotation marks because white hiphop hipsters often have better taste in hiphop than inner-city black kids who are busy debating the merits of commercial types like jay-z and nas. white kids are much more likely to have heard of non-phixion etc. etc. and appreciate it sincerely. ”

    you know, i was sorta with you RIGHT until that point over there. That’s the same White Superiority bullshit people keep trying to spring on us at any given chance.

    From Rock-n’-Roll to Hip-Hop, the dominant culture pillages a Black artform, commercializes it, and then a breed of cretins like you develop airs about how much more erudite and sophisticated you are, and thus you are the only ones with a right to act as tastemakers or critics in a genre you’re just coming to know.

    —i think there’s a lot of respect and this kind of goofing is a self-mockery that says, “we will NEVER be as cool as the descendents of kidnapped africans and we know it!” —

    let’s look at that statement for a second. Isn’t it interesting that you, like most of White America, look to Black America for “coolness,” while telling us we aren’t sophisticated to understand what apparently makes us so cool? It’s that age-old “Blacks can dance up a storm and dribble a ball, but don’t think of putting them in a classroom” rhetoric.

    See, people like you really make me sick. Instead of talking about how “aggressive” these hip-hop clubs are, why don’t you just decode it and say,
    “like many other white kids raised by the media, I too am afraid of black men. But their artforms are OMG, so kewl! So I’ll just imitate without understanding, and I’ll do it among my own kind.”

    You think I’m wrong? Think about this. How pitiful do you have to be to actually refer to *yourself* as a “hipster?”

  16. Peer Pressure wrote:

    I am not racist. Let these elements enjoy the culture. It makes no difference. Non-Phixion & Necro produce excellent music. I am non-white and I don’t hate myself or anything, but I really do think Jay-Z & Nas to a lesser extent have become first-class whores; they are the ones really patronizing the music industry’s “plantation owner” with their latest bullshit. I think quality music is not that stupid Snap Music either or Lil’ Wayne. I hate that shit with a passion. Today, it seems like the talent in the hip-hop world is shifting to others; ‘black’ artists are watching it steadily erode, even as their records go platinum or diamond. I mostly gave up on people like Roc-A-Fella & Murder Inc. & Cash Money etc. because they are not presenting well-meaning material. 24 hours a day, their bullshit videos are in circulation and it annoys me to know end. But for some reason I like Three-Six Mafia. And I liked them back before they were anything to bother over. The ‘black’ innovators in the game don’t seem present today; instead of them, it seems this generation gets whatever’s left, like 50 Cent. I despise him. Like the ‘black’ women who get their hair overtreated, the ‘black’ segment of the hip-hop music industry seems scared of their roots: I will admit that such a statement is a little vague, but I think most people–when they think of Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap & Master Ace & Wu-Tang circa 36 Chambers etc.–will know exactly what I’m driving at. By the way, Kool G Rap is the most gifted hip-hop overall performer/lyricist of all time.

  17. Peer Pressure wrote:

    One more thing. ‘White’ people have been involved in the making of hip-hop at least since 1986: Sven & MC Miker G did a remix to Madonna’s “Holiday”. I’m not saying they do it better. And yes, I know damned well they aren’t Americans. But I will say that there are some ‘whites’ who shouldn’t be criticized because they like hip-hop culture. Poor ‘whites’ are allowed in, as far as I’m concerned. However, this retarded shit going on, where a bunch of rich idiots get together and decide they want to make a ‘mammie’ out of a very beautiful subculture such as we have in hip-hop, I do not ever approve of. They need to just be themselves, their women need to stop being whores just because they are having identity issues with being psuedo-aristocatic stock, and not be racist, while acting civil toward hip-hop and owning up to their relative fears and ignorance of it. I don’t like the motive behind what the hipsters seem to be about, but as long as they are not committing hate crimes I will not bring the ‘black’ mafia down to their little shindigs and disturb their bullshit gathering. But, these people are missing out. Big time.

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