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WPSD Platform Screen Door System - Case Study

Copenhagen Metro, Denmark

Copenhagen Metro’s original line was opened by Queen Margrethe on 19 October 2002. The system
was built by Ansaldo Transporti Sistemi Ferroviari (ATSF) on behalf of Copenhagen Council and
the Orestad Development Corporation.

Five years later, on 28 September 2007, Crown Prince Fredrik opened a 4.5km extension to the system
which has been constructed to serve Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport. The fully automated driverless
trains, designed by Giugiaro Design and manufactured by Ansaldobreda, are driverless, being
entirely controlled by Automatic Train Control (ATC).

The metro now consists of twenty two stations serving its two lines, nine of which are underground
with island platforms. The system operates a fleet of 34 train sets each comprising 3 walk-through cars.

Westinghouse Platform Screen Doors originally designed and supplied 18 platform screens comprising 108 sliding
doorways and infill emergency doors which compliment the bright, modern station environment designed
by the architect. An additional 12 doors were subsequently fitted on the airport station.

The system has received full safety approval from TÜV.