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Planning Bill

Planning Reform Bill

Key Benefits

The Bill would implement proposals in the May 2007 Planning White Paper to streamline and improve the planning regime, including introducing a single consents regime for major infrastructure projects, establishing an Independent Infrastructure Planning Commission, and further measures to improve the Town and Country Planning System.

The Planning Reform Bill, the Energy Bill and the Climate Change Bill are the three legislative pillars of the Government's strategy to secure long-term prosperity and quality of life for all.

More timely and predictable decisions on infrastructure projects which are key to economic growth, international competitiveness, tackling climate change, energy security and improving quality of life;

More transparent decisions with improved opportunities for public engagement;

Clearer national infrastructure policy and better developed infrastructure projects;

Ministerial involvement in infrastructure planning at the strategic stage rather than in individual decisions; and

Deregulated local plan making, strengthening the local government place-making role and creating a more efficient appeals process with quicker decisions.

Establishing an infrastructure planning commission, its powers and functions;

Establishing a single consent regime for nationally significant infrastructure and a streamlined process for considering applications;

Statutory requirements on content and consultation on national infrastructure policy statements;

Statutory requirement for developers of infrastructure to consult affected people and communities before submitting applications; and

Changes to process for local development plan documents and establishing arrangements for local authorities to decide appeals on minor planning applications.
Planning Reform Bill
Bill Text
Planning Reform Bill
Explanatory Notes
Planning Reform Bill
Economic Stability
Planning Reform Bill

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have fully devolved responsibility for town and country planning policy and decision making.  Responsibility for planning for nationally significant infrastructure is largely devolved, but the arrangements differ between nations and between infrastructure sectors.  The Government is working closely with the devolved administrations to ensure the provisions in the Bill provide for the UK planning systems to operate effectively alongside each other.

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