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If you only remember the Offspring as pop-punk jokesters — SoCal boys who quip about clueless white guys — then the band's rather serious eighth album may surprise you. Over hardcore-punk grooves and a mess of guitar wreckage, the multiplatinum quartet deliver their thesis: "Stuff is messed up." That's the title of the ninth track — a smorgasbord of carping on which frontman Dexter Holland disses the media, the Iraq War, reality television and, uh, celebrity fundraisers. But that same message also fuels raging anthems about bad relationships ("Fix You") and feeling angry for unspecified reasons ("Takes Me Nowhere"). The album's latter half contains some welcome pop moments — "Nothingtown" and "Let's Hear It for Rock Bottom" make going nowhere in life sound like hot fun — but the standout melodies often take a back seat to the diatribes, and Holland doesn't back up his disaffection with many good reasons to rally behind him. That kind of brooding might fit the national mood, but America should demand more from its punk bands.


(Posted: Jul 10, 2008)


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jonah writes:

Not Rated

You have to hand it to a band that, after all these years, can still add new wrinkles to their formula- and yet still retain the sound that makes them The Offspring. Yeah, there's a little more angst and confusion here, but as the RS review pointed out, that pretty much describes our country's tone right now. My favorite tracks so far include Hammerhead, A Lot Like Me, Stuff Is Messed Up, and Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom.

Jun 24, 2008 19:41:43

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jasonrockscalgary writes:

5of 5 Stars

So far from where we Smash, but now we have more shit that makes your head crash! So I just blasted through the rather short Offspring flavor, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. Are they back? Is this a breakthrough album? No. They never went anywhere and thats the best thing about The Offspring I think. Breakthrough? nope. But it does offer enough to keep the range of music and your span of attention right at 11. Let me throw out right now the 'hit' off this disc. Track #9, 'Stuff is messed up' which is not really the title track, the rather foul worded title you can figure out after 1 listen to this mighty track that is the one that defiantly stands out with so much thrash and F bombs, it can make any milky moment turn into a chocolate waterside of tasty goodness. Track #4, 'Hammerhead' is beefy good, played on your local stations. There are some strange tracks on this disc that you go, huh? But after a couple listens, they become alright tracks on their own. So overall, good CD, what you would expect from The Offspring, something they have always brought and that catchy, twangy Offspring sound.

Jun 16, 2008 20:48:37

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