Amiga Transactor Archive Page

This page is designed to be an archive of articles from the long defunct "Amiga Transactor" magazine

While probably no longer relevant in terms of the direction that the current AMIGA system is heading, these articles do contain some very in-depth info on the Classic Amigas, in many cases written by the hardware designers/programmers themselves.

Click on the pics for a scan of the mags, or the links underneath for the articles.

Only a couple of articles are online at the moment, but as I get the chance I plan to OCR quite a few more.

If you have any copies of old "Transactor" mags that you would like to see added to this archive, send me an email.

If anybody objects to these articles being available online, likewise.

Last updated: 07-APR-02.

The Archive So Far

Vol2 Issue3 6/89 Vol2 Issue4 7/89
Vol2 Issue3 6/89 Articles Vol2 Issue4 7/89 Articles

Vol2 Issue5 8/89 Vol2 Issue6 9/89
Vol2 Issue5 8/89 Articles Vol2 Issue6 9/89 Articles

Vol3 Issue1 10/89
Vol3 Issue1 10/89 Articles

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