Cruiserweight Champion
Fumar Defeated Shorty Smalls for new title 12-13-1997
Slickyboy Defeated Mike Gunner for vacant title 9-26-1998
New Jersy Devil  Defeated Slickboy for the title 11-8-1998 
Title Vacated Title vacated 3-25-1999
John Balsamo Defeated Aidiean for vacant title 4-9-1999
Flex Fenom Defeated John Balsamo 9-7-1999
Paul Beswick Awarded title when Flex Fenom didn't show up. 10-31-1999
John Balsamo Defeated OGB and Hyjinx for vacant title 1-4-2000
OGB John "Paisano" Balsamo canceled out of the scheduled 5-18-00 title match against challenger OGB. OGB awarded title due to forfeit. 5-18-2000
Title Vacated Title holder dismissed from the NWL/HoPWF 9-1-2000
Hyjinx Won a triple threat match after a tournament for vacant title 9-26-2000
John Balsamo Hyjinx no-showed the scheduled 12-16-00 title match. Title awarded to John Balsamo due to forfeit 12-16-2000
Title Vacated NWL title match to be held Thursday, 3-29-01,  in Cumberland, MD 3-16-2001
Chuckie Manson Defeated Blackhawk to claim the vacant title 3-29-2001
Flex Fenom Defeated Chuckie Manson 6-16-2001
Adam Brown Defeated Flex Fenom 6-25-2002
Flex Fenom Defeated Adam Brown 7-23-2002
Aidiean Defeated Flex Fenom, Fumar, and Hyjinx 9-28-2002
Hyjinx Hyjinx & Fumar defeated Flex Fenom & Aidiean in a special stipulation tag team match, earning Hyjinx the title 10-26-2002
The Freak Defeated Hyjinx and Chuckie Manson in a triple threat title match 11-19-2002
Flex Fenom Defeated The Freak 2-11-2003
The Freak Defeated Flex Fenom 2-22-2003
Nomad Defeated The Freak 3-4-2003
Hyjinx Defeated Nomad 4-19-2003
Jerkface Defeated Hyjinx 5-6-2003
OGB Won a Cruiserweight battle royal to win title vacated by an injured Jerkface 5-20-2003
Hyjinx Defeated Nomad and OGB in a 3 Way Elimination title match 6-10-2003
OGB Title awarded to OGB when Hyjinx no-showed the scheduled title defense match 7-29-2003
Hyjinx Defeated Fumar, John Balsamo and OGB in a 4 Way Dance title match 10-4-2003
OGB Defeated Hyjinx at Gettysburg, PA 10-18-2003
Hyjinx Defeated OGB, Chad Bowman and Brandon Mercury in a 4 Way Dance title match at Newville, PA 11-15-2003
OGB Defeated Hyjinx at Chambersburg, PA 12-13-2003
Chad Bowman Defeated OGB at Blue Ridge Summit, PA 2-14-2004
Title Vacated Chad Bowman was stripped of the NWL Cruiserweight Title due to missing a scheduled title match 3-6-2004
Hyjinx Defeated OGB in a best of 3 falls match for the vacant title 3-9-2004
Chad Bowman Defeated Hyjinx in a "No Disqualification" match. 7-17-2004
Fumar Defeated Chad Bowman 4-2-2005
Jerkface Won a Tag Team Elimination Match for the vacant title 5-21-2005
Jackpot Jimmy Jessup Defeated Jerkface, Stefan Slayter and Jeremy Stoned in a 4 Way Dance Elimination Title Match 8-6-2005
Doken Jackpot Jimmy Jessup missed the title defense and forfeited the championship to challenger Doken 8-9-2005
Jerkface Defeated Doken at Waynesboro, PA 9-10-2005
Jackpot Jimmy Jessup Defeated Robbie Paige, Dr. Spider and Harlen Kano in a 4 Way Dance Match for the vacant title 10-15-2005
Ian Decay Ian Decay hit Jackpot Jimmy Jessup with an object and rolled him up for the pin 10-18-2005
Chuckie Manson Defeated Ian Decay in a "Title -vs- Title" match at Newville, PA 11-19-2005
Blackhawk The title was vacated when Chuckie Manson retired from wrestling. Blackhawk became the new champion by winning an NWL Cruiserweight Title Battle Royal at Martinsburg, WV 12-17-2005
Chris Cline Defeated Blackhawk at the SPWTC/HOUSE of PAIN in Hagerstown, MD 1-21-2006
Crazy Shea Defeated Chris Cline in a Best of 3 Falls title match at the SPWTC/HOUSE of PAIN in Hagerstown, MD 3-7-2006
Blackhawk Blackhawk nailed Crazii Shea with a double tomahawk chop to get the pin to eliminate Crazii Shea. 3-21-2006
Chris Cline Blackhawk had to cancel out due to injury. Chris Cline defeated Jeremy Stoned, Tommy Mandrake and The Freak in a 4 Way Dance Match for the vacant title 4-1-2006
Blackhawk Defeated Chris Cline in a "No Count Out - No DQ" title match at the NWL/HOUSE of PAIN in Hagerstown, MD 4-8-2006
Vacant Title Vacated 6-17-2006
Blackhawk Dexter Alexander defeated Jeremy Stoned, Harlen Kano and Blackhawk to become the new title holder, but the title was stripped from Alexander when he was found to be 4 lbs over the weight limit. The title was awarded to the runner-up, Blackhawk 7-15-2006
Jackpot Jimmy Jessup Due to an ankle injury, Blackhawk could not defend the championship and Jackpot Jimmy Jessup became the new champ by forfeit. 7-7-07
Blackhawk Jackpot was still arguing the the fans and John Rambo as Rambo rang the bell to start the match. Jackpot turned around to face Blackhawk and instantly got hit with Blackhawk's walking cane he was using during the recovery of his ankle injury. Blackhawk quickly covered Jackpot and got the 3 count 7-31-07