Missy Doty
Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, Missy attended Stephens College and graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre.

In 1994, Missy arrived in LA and auditioned for the play Miss Pell is Missing at the Long Beach Playhouse.  She didn't get cast, but being the optimist that she is, she looked towards the next opportunity.  Ironically enough, a week later the director called her and said the actor he cast wasn't working out and would she like the role.  She not only took the role of “The Maid”, but ended up winning the 1994 Ethel Case Award for "Major Supporting Woman".

In 1998, she joined the Blue Sphere Alliance Theatre Company, and it is here she has created some of her favorite roles to date.  In 1999, her friend Alyson Croft wrote Fat Chicks, where she originated the role of “Plum.”  The play deals with the issue of society's unfair demands on girls to be thin and the extreme methods girls end up doing to achieve that.  The response from the audience was so overwhelming, not only by women but men as well.

Common knowledge here in LA...If you want to work... write it yourself.  So Missy decided to take a solo writing class. It is here that “Fluffy” was born.  After being set up on a blind date, by her mother of all people, she wrote the experience down during class one night and was encouraged to expand it into a solo piece, which she performed in “Solos V: Fact or Fiction” at Blue Sphere.  She then performed it in “15 Minutes of Fem” where she made it to the “Best Of” night.  The piece has been her greatest achievement to date.  It gave her confidence, not only in writing, but in being vulnerable and true to herself.

Missy is having a blast doing what she loves and doesn't plan of leaving any time soon. 

Name: Missy Doty
Birthday: August 9th
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Quote: “Ewes not fat...ewes just fluffy.”
Movies: Notting Hill, 50 First Dates, Little Miss Sunshine, Knocked Up, Love Actually, Good Will Hunting, My Best Friend’s Wedding, My Cousin Vinny, Sixteen Candles, Grease
TV Shows: Friends, American Idol, The Office, So You Think You Can Dance, Shark, MAD TV, Rosanne, The Cosby Show

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