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Open Water
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Cassie Patten
Club: Stockport Metro
Coach: Sean Kelly
DOB: 1st January 1987
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 81kg
Born: Cardinham
Lives: Stockport
Occupation: Student
Nickname: Cassie

Long Course
400m Freestyle 4:14.64 (06)
800m Freestyle 8:29.83 (08)
200m Butterfly 2:13.74 (07)

Short Course
400m Freestyle 4:07.83 (04)
800m Freestyle 8:21.71 (04)
200m Butterfly 2:08.85 (06)

  World Championships    
Long Course 2007 SILVER 10km 2:03:58.9
  Short Course 2004 4th 400m Freestyle 4:09.20
      6th 800m Freestyle 8:28.73
European Championships
Short Course 2004 9th 400m Freestyle 4:12.44
4th 800m Freestyle 8:28.57
11th 200m Butterfly 2:11.85
      9th 400m I.M. 4:48.13
British Championships
Long Course 2008 SILVER 800m Freestyle 8:29.83
2007 SILVER 200m Butterfly 2:14.17
BRONZE 400m Freestyle 4:15.92
2006 SILVER 800m Freestyle 8:43.58
BRONZE 400m I.M 4:49.15
4th 400m Freestyle 4:14.64
6th 200m Freestyle 2:03.29
7th 50m Backstroke 30.86
9th 200m Butterfly 2:16.99
10th 100m Butterfly 1:03.04
21st 50m Butterfly 29.61
2005 8th 200m Butterfly 2:14.96
9th 800m Freestyle 9:05.05
9th 400m I.M. 4:02.40
10th 100m Butterfly 1:02.62
11th 400m Freestyle


16th 50m Butterfly 29.59
30th 200m Freestyle 2:08.38
World Open Water Championships
2008 SILVER 10km 2:02.05.8
31st 5km 1:02.34.2
FINA Open Water Swimming World Cup
Seville 2007 5th 10km 2:21:41
London 11th 10km  2:03:33.44
2006 10th 5k 1:10:11.0
LEN Open Water World Cup
London 2007 GOLD 5km 1:02.00.72
Milan SILVER 10km 2:05:03.9
2006 GOLD 10k
British Open Water Swimming Championships
2007 GOLD 10km 2:03:33.44

Favourite event: 200m Butterly. But short-course! I did butterfly a lot when I was growing up and won my first national medal in butterfly.

Finest ever performance/why: 10k Open Water at the World Championships in Melbourne. I paced the race really, really well and was delighted to come away with a silver medal.

First senior international meet: European Short Course Championships in Dublin 2003.

Role models: Anyone who succeeds in the Olympics. I look up to everyone.

My aspirations are: I’ve qualified for the Olympics now so that is done. As for my next aim, my goals are internal, sorry!

Tip for the top: Believe in yourself and if it hurts, you are doing it right.

Life after swimming: Would love to be Blue Peter presenter.

Music: I like everything.

If I wasn’t a swimmer I would be a: Another sport, I use to do judo and netball when I was young.

Football, Cricket or Rugby: I use to go to a rugby focused school, so rugby. Footballers get paid too much money, and rugby players have nicer legs!

Describe yourself in three words: Determined / Tough / Nutter

Would most like to meet: I’ve liked Sean Bean since I was about 9 years old, also like current James Bond, Daniel Craig. They are both respectable actors.

Most prized possession: A teddy bear called rainbow, I’ve had it since I was born. My World Championships silver medal is also special to me.

Biggest influence on career: Parents and Coaches


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