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basic Tip #401: A mapping for easy switching between buffers

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created:   January 14, 2003 3:27      complexity:   basic
author:   chris      as of Vim:   6.0

Instead of using a buffer-explorer I looked for a simpler method for fast switching between buffers. So on a rainy day I invented a simple mapping:

map  <C-Up> :bn<Return>
map  <C-Down> :bp<Return>

This works very well for an intermediate amount of buffers. Of course you can take other keys (instead of the up and down arrows) for the mapping.


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Additional Notes

yourock@devo.com, January 14, 2003 18:53
Shazam!  That _vimrc is gettin way too big.
tom, September 28, 2004 18:26
This is exactly what I use and I love it too.  One thing I would note is that you can't switch from a dirty (edited) bufffer unless you also do this:

set hidden

Probably in your .vimrc file.  That way you can switch between buffers without each one having to be saved.  
inetic, April 29, 2005 14:01
i use:

nmap <C-j> :bnext<CR>:redraw<CR>:ls<CR>
nmap <C-k> :bprevious<CR>:redraw<CR>:ls<CR>

thus you can see your files while browsing.
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