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Ode to Timeless Beauty

Study up on this regimen for looking good.

In the debut Weekender in January, I wrote about creating a stylish, attractive and fashionable appearance. It was entirely your call if you wanted to follow my advice or dismiss it as the unsolicited lecturing.

Those belonging in the latter group of readers should turn the page now and move on. For, in the past five months, I have offered assorted advice, which is summarized below. Remember, reaching the beauty ideal is not about discussing cosmetics or skin care, but itís a mathematical equation where everything adds up for the desired look.

  1. Before we get to the issue of clothing, your body must pass inspection. Do what it takes to get in shape. A well-proportioned body, whatever your height, will let your clothes fall beautifully on you. That is the benchmark for looking good.
  2. Now for the clothes: Form-fitting jackets and pants are in fashion. The pant bottom should be cut ultra-close to the calf. Shirts should be colorful.
  3. For women, itís time to show some leg, either with miniskirts or the trapeze-style silhouette. Tread your way from Jakarta to Bandung at the gym to make sure your pins are ready for the exposure.
  4. Subtle silver and wonderful white are everywhere, and silencing the usual loud hues.  Wear them with pride.
  5. Your body is fit, your clothes are in style, so make sure your face also passes inspection. Clean your face daily just as you bathe twice a day to keep smelling fresh. Just think of the assault to your face from the sunís harsh rays, dust and grime, cigarette smoke and all manner of pollutants from living in the big city (not to mention pore-clogging makeup). Slap the face cream on both morning and night, and never leave the house without sunblock. 
  6. Last but not least. If the five points above were about polishing up the outer you, itís now time to talk about what counts on the inside. They say that positive thinking can help you win the war 50 percent of the time.

We may like to compare ourselves to George Clooney and Kate Moss, only to find that we are dim moths flickering helplessly around their scintillating flames. Be still your chastened heart, and remember that everything is relative. I am attracted to regular folks, but my friends always chide me that there are better-looking candidates on the dating market. For me, however, OK looking is just what I want.

Whether you are ugly, semi-ugly (or sexy ugly), beautiful or almost beautiful, you will have your own set of admirers. Just stop wishing that you had Beyonceís shapely hips, and make the best of what God gave you.

Samuel Mulia