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Boca Man Forever Linked To George Carlin

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John Douglas Filed FCC Complaint

The world has lost a controversial, comedic legend. George Carlin died Sunday of heart Failure. One of his one famous routines called the Seven Words You Can't Say on TV, set off a national debate when it was broadcast over the radio. Only one person filed a complaint with the F-C-C, and that man now lives in Boca Raton.

His name is John Douglas, and he might not be as famous as George Carlin, but he may have had a lot to do with making the comedian a legend.

Today, We can all listen to WBAI Pacifica radio out of New York City on the internet.

But it and every other broadcast radio and tv station were forever changed because of Boca Raton's John Douglas who was listening to the station along with his son on a late october day in 1973....

"And I hear F#%k sh%t...***s...what! Obviously I've heard the words before but not at 1:15 in the afternoon on the radio, " said Douglas.

It was George Carlin's legendary "7 words you can't say on television" skit. At the time Douglas was the president of morality in media.

"I wrote a letter to the FCC saying, you know what are we turing into here, where are we going with this," Douglas says.

It was the only complaint but, it set off a national debate---what's allowed on t-v and radio. The U-S Supreme court eventually settled it with a landmark decision...calling Carlin's words indecent. Douglas says he only took issue with the time of day the broadcast aired...and believe it not, he has nothing but admiration for the man to whom he'll forever be linked.

"That is a genius. And ever since the dumbing of america keeps going on, it was a delight to hear him with his use of words and make humor out of it and I appreciated his humor all the more"

Douglas never thought his one complaint would have such a lasting impact. But he says he hopes it inspires other to pick up a pen when the hear or see something they don't matter what the issue.

"It tells the citizenry the power of one letter, Douglas said.

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