Amazon MP3 Coming To The UK – And Everywhere Else January 28, 2008

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Amazon’s download service is the only really serious competition Apple has in the US music download market but, because it’s been limited to the US, we’ve seen none of the benefits. We will soon though.

Amazon has announced that it’s going to rollout its massive library of 3.3 million DRM-free tunes internationally in 2008. It doesn’t hurt that Amazon MP3 is the only download service to offer DRM-free tracks from the Big 4 music labels, as well as content from 33,000 independent labels. And did I mention that they tend to be cheaper than those DRM-free downloads from iTunes?

Most songs available on Amazon MP3 are priced from 89-99 cents, with more than 1m of those 3.3 million tracks in the 89c bin. All of the tracks and albums are encoded at the higher quality 256Kbps rate too.

"We have received thousands of e-mails from Amazon customers around the world asking us when we will make Amazon MP3 available outside of the U.S. They can't wait to choose from the biggest selection of high-quality, low-priced DRM-free MP3 music downloads which play on virtually any music device they own today or will own in the future," said Bill Carr, Vice President of Digital Music. "We are excited to tell those customers today that Amazon MP3 is going international this year."

There’s no specifics on rollout dates for different countries yet but, finally, there's a titanic price war brewing with iTunes and all of that is good for us consumers.-Martin Lynch


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Hmm. currently 99c comes in at 49.8p - hey let's call it 50p!

I wonder if they're going to charge us in the uk that or charge 99p...

posted-by Martin | January 28, 2008 3:06 PM

It will probably bumped up to at least 60p upwards. I would deffo use it if they priced the tracks reasonable compared to the dollar! iTunes does not do this ( you can expect to almost pay in £ what Americans pay in $), which is why I do not use services like iTunes currently.

posted-by Kris | February 17, 2008 6:56 PM

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