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Fire safety

For more information on Fire click here for the relevant chapter of the TUC guide to health and safety "Hazards at Work

Every year hundreds of people die and thousands are injured in fire related accidents that could easily be prevented. Fire and explosion at work account for two per cent of major injuries reported annually to HSE.

The wide variety of flammable substances found in the workplace range from the obvious, for example, heating fuel, petrol, paint thinners and welding gases to the less obvious, such as packaging materials, dusts from wood, flour and sugar. For a fire to start, fuel, air and a source of ignition are needed. Controlling or elimination of these can prevent fires.

Because of a decrease in the numbers of inspectors and an increase in the number of premises to be inspected, inspectors tend to concentrate on high-risk workplaces. In all workplaces, safety reps can monitor existing fire safety measures.


HSE fire and explosions page

UNISON information sheet: Fire Safety

The Fire Precautions Act 1971

Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR)

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Welsh unions support Assembly Member's Sprinkler Safety Law
The Wales TUC conference today (Wednesday 21 May) added its voice of support to the proposal of Assembly Member for the Vale of Clwyd Ann Jones, for every new home in Wales to be fitted with fire sprinklers by 2010.
21 May 2008

Cutbacks threat to fire safety
Fire service cuts are putting firefighters and the public at risk, fire service union FBU has warned.
PDF version available for download
11 January 2008

Fire authority criticised after worker deaths
A fire authority failed to introduce necessary safety procedures and training, a union investigation after the death of firefighters Mike Miller, 26, and Jeff Wornham, 28, has found.
PDF version available for download
9 March 2007

Union fears over Tube fire safety
Rail union RMT has stepped up its campaign to keep fire safety regulations in place across London Underground.
PDF version available for download
24 November 2006

Firefighters warn of cutback dangers
Cost-cutting measures by fire services in Cleveland and North Yorkshire could put lives at risk, firefighters have warned.
PDF version available for download
30 June 2006

Unions welcome fire safety regs reprieve
Unions have welcomed the government's decision to delay plans to abolish essential fire safety regulations for sub-surface stations.
PDF version available for download
27 January 2006

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