I get a lot of people asking me why I don’t do more Lazlos ( or even more Rockos). While I’m honored that these two shows still live in the minds of many, I’d still like to share my views on this subject.

First off. They are still owned by the respective networks that ran them ( Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network) so the decision ultimately lies with them. But as far as my involvement in them, it all depends on who I would be working with, and what the experience would be. To the networks, its if it makes good business sense to them.

Both with Rocko and Lazlo, I researched both networks to see if my creation would find a receptive and respected home with them. At the time, I felt both would. Then, ( when the networks decided to move forward with the show) I took very careful attention to hire the right crews. The artists and production people involved were the reason Rocko and Lazlo became what they became. That was the moment in time when that group was able to come together and collaborate. We created, what I thought were, two great art projects. My only sadness is the availability of the finished products being made to the fans.

But the personnel and goals of networks change. Sometimes they no longer become a good fit. Sometimes my art does not fit their goals. That’s okay, its a business. But I am also just as picky about the partnerships with networks and studios. How will they market it? How is the merchandising handled? How much do our values and goals for the project differ? ( or the goals of the conglomerate?) 

Although I’ve always been opened to discussing doing more Lazlos with Cartoon Network, they are in a transition right now. I’m not really sure who they are.

But I’m also very proud of the episodes we produced, both on Rocko and Lazlo. Lazlo continues to do well in the ratings which made it a good investment for them. I’m glad about that.

As for me, I already have another series developed, but I’m not sure about it’s home. I had already begun working on a deal for an alternative production of it, that I pulled out of for quality reasons.

That’s why, while waiting to see how some things shake out, I’m working on this film,( FishHead) which to me is also commercial in nature, but with my own studio, and so far, self financed. I’m enjoying it. I’m also enjoying finding a lot more time for re-connection with people I care about, and more time with my kids.

This is all part of the life in the arts and commercial entertainment. It all works in balance. Things happen the way they are meant to.

I’m excited about what’s in store.