Feeling a lot of pain today.  It’s not about my cat. These have been a difficult couple of years over all. (and this past weekend was not good for me) But I know I’ll get through it.

When your creating film and TV that is designed to make others laugh, sometimes it’s hard to keep the ideas coming when grips of sadness sweep over you. But then, sometimes the action of creating something you love pulls you out of it.

My first wife committed suicide two months before I started production on Rocko’s Modern Life in 1992. In some ways it was a god send to have something so enriching to keep me busy. But other days, It was hard to feel funny, and write funny in the depths of despair. I really wasn’t sure I could do it at all, And I know at times I wasn’t easy to work with. But when I receive the mail I do about how Rocko affected them, I’m really glad I was able to get back up and contribute something. And it helped to be surrounded by so much hard working talent and friends. 

I’ve had so many gifts in my life (like my kids and doing my own shows) as well as many tragedies and challenges.

The important thing is that I”m a fighter. And I’ll come back even stronger.

When there is loss, it usually creates a vacuum, which allows for something really great to come forward. These challenges help me see the priorities of life, and the opportunities to really laugh my ass off.

Thank God for my Art.