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Pillars of Hope is located in what many have described as "the most beautiful country in the world." Costa Rica is just a short, direct 3-hour plane ride from many major US Cities. Pillars of Hope Academy has a "world class program in a world class environment," which combine to help instill a new sense of change and awakening in all who go there. Costa Ricans enjoy one of the highest standards of livings in the Americas, with free
health care, public education and among the highest literacy rates in the world (92%). These humble, gracious people are, as a whole, highly educated, hard working, honest and caring. The setting is breathtaking, peaceful, safe, and a world away from the problems associated with the child's former environment.

The setting of Pillars of Hope was first established in 1991 as Dundee Ranch Hotel Adventure Resort. The school is 50 miles away from the International Airport and very near the towns of Orotina and the Pacific port of Caldera. Pillars of Hope is now nestled amid lush gardens of tropical fruit trees, plants and flowers. Here, student's lives are forever enriched. The redirection of their lives is enhanced, not only by the strength of the program design and
leadership, but also by Costa Rica's unique culture and environment. Bi-lingual teachers help students learn Spanish, which further enhances the process of change while adding an important educational language component helpful in our current global economy and their future careers should they choose to utilize their newfound language skills. An emphasis on college preparation helps to stimulate additional goals of professionalism in their lives.

Large sections of the facility are set aside as nature reserves, protecting the unique ecosystem and ensuring an educational experience in biodiversity and environmentalism that is second to none in secondary education. Observing the abundance of wildlife - from the white faced or howler monkeys that forest in the treetops, to the scarlet macaws and green parrots that fly freely, one cannot help but gain a new perspective on nature and life. The drinking water in Costa Rica has been rated among the purest in the world, paralleling U.S. standards. Costa Rica provides an ideal opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and pleasant environment among a people who are among the most hospitable in the world.