Tweed Hats
I use this pattern for charity hats.These were all made using leftovers from other projects and fit heads 20"-24".

You'll Need:
Approximately 4 oz of leftover yarn,"J" hook.
Gauge:5 hdc=2"
Note:Hats are made in one of the following ways:
        1 strand chunky yarn
         1 strand worsted,1 strand sport,held together
        Experiment with your colors.

To Make:
Mark beg of rounds.
Rnd 1:Ch 2,work 8 sc in second ch from hook(8 sc).
Rnd 2:Work 2 hdc in each sc around(16 hdc).
Rnd 3:1 hdc in next st,2 hdc in next st around(24 hdc).
Rnd 4:2 hdc in next st,hdc in each of next 2 st around(32 hdc).
Rnd 5:Hdc in each of next 3 st,2 hdc in next st(40 hdc).
Rnd 6:2 hdc in next st,hdc in each of next 7 st around(45 hdc).
Rnd 7-18:work hdc in each st around(45 hdc).

Now you have options.You can continue with the colors you are using,making 3 rows of sc.Fasten off,weave in ends.
You can switch to a solid color for the band(left,7).
You can make the hat solid(left,4&6-right,6).
You can make the hat solid with a tweed band(right,1).
1.rose/pink tweed with brim tweed
4.solid mustard
6.solid orange tweed w/solid blue band
1.solid orange, orange/ olive tweed stripe tweed
3.rose/varigated tweed with brim
4.brown/green stripe
5.teal/tan tweed
6.teal/brown tweed tweed
1.copper solid,copper/tan tweed band blue/varigated tweed with brim
3.olive/tan tweed
4.olive/brown tweed
5.teal/navy tweed
6.solid oatmeal
7.rose/pink tweed with brim
You can make the hat in stripes.
For a ladies hat add a brim.Rep rnds 1-16 of above pattern.
Rnd 17:Work in back loop for this round only.Sc in each of next 4 st,2 sc in next st around(54 sc).
Rnd 18:2 hdc in next st,hdc in each of next 5 st around.
Rnd 19:Hdc in each of next 6 st,2 hdc in next st around.
Rnd 20-21:Work sc in each st around.Fasten off weave in ends.
If you would like any of these projects made for you,
Email me!
Design2002 by Catherine Lindsay
Hats by Yarncat