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Where Can Gays Wed?


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Discuss: Where Can Gays Wed?
Member Comments
  • Posted By: Francisco Maass villarreal @ 06/29/2008 3:23:30 PM

    Comment: If same-sex marriage and polygamous marriage are banned, Why don't we ban straight marriage to?
    Aren't straight divorces one of the biggest problems in family and religion and lets not talk about society.

  • Posted By: Francisco Maass villarreal @ 06/29/2008 3:20:54 PM

    Comment: If same-sex marriage is banned an polygamous marriages to, why don't we also ban straight marriage? Aren't straight divorces one of the biggest problems in family and religion?

  • Posted By: jobry0432 @ 06/28/2008 11:52:04 PM

    Comment: Gay marriage should be looked upon as one human being marrying another human being. It is time to take a look around and realize that gays are human beings and shouldn't be discriminated because of their sexual preference. America is a place for religious freedom and not a place to be persecuted or discriminated upon because of a religious belief. We need to preach tolerance and acceptance about gay marriage because after all they are human beings just like you and I. Nothing good comes for hatred as we all know. I agree with juball about the sanctity of marriage is shot in this country. How can people even cope out with an excuse like that? Our country has the highest divorce rates in the world. It is not uncommon for a person to be wed multiple times in a lifetime. For crying out loud we have a tv show dedicated to divorce, Divorce Court, if some of you may not know. Infidelity is also rampant throughout the country. Kids grow up in single parent households due to divorce. How is this sacred? Is it because the bible declares it to be this way? The bible preaches of love and tolerance. According to Judeo Christian beliefs isn't God suppose to be the judge of peoples actions instead of people judging other people? Throw out religion when it comes to matters like this because religion is suppose to be a personal belief and not to be pushed on others. This is someones life we are dealing with. Remember they are human beings. They bleed just like the rest of us.

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