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Digger History: an unofficial history of the Australian & New Zealand Armed Services.

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  • Sites in the Digger History Group.

Digger History The original and master site. Where you are now.
Digger History 2 The Anzacs of WW2. All 3 services & VDC
Digger History 3 A range of E-books about Aus & Allies plus enemy.

Associate sites under the Digger History banner

Badges of HM Services Badges & potted histories of all Services 1939/45
One Man's War Capt S J McKenzie, 2/31st Bn AIF (pictorial)
Military Insignia of the Korean War Insignia of all the forces in the Korean War.
He's In The Paratroops Now A WW2 publication from USA. Very informative.
I Am A Doughboy WW2 US Army booklet issued to Infantry recruits.
Bougainville Notebook The story of the 1944/45 Bougainville Campaign
The Man With The Donkey The life story of John (Jack) Simpson (Kirkpatrick)
Combat Uniforms of the World Lots of images of combat uniforms, many countries
Queen's & Regimentals (not completed) Queen's & Regimental Colours, Guidons & Standards  
White Ensign. RAN at War 1939/45 A WW2 (WWII) History of Royal Australian Navy
WAAAF Book (Womens Air Force WW2) A collection of memories of the WAAAF war years
RAAF. The Golden Years...1921-1971 The first 50 years of RAAF with some AFC detail
The Specialist & The Amateur Not military history, but fun to read.
Featherston Military Training Camp NZ NZs biggest WW1 military base. The whole story.
The Story of The Anzacs a book from 1917 telling the whole story
Radio At War in WW2  The importance of communications at all levels.
Coastal Command Brits, Aussies, Enzeders & Canadians in UK
Australian Army at War 1939-44 An official history, includes Women's Service & VDC
Campaign in Greece 57 pages about the Anzacs in Greece 1941
German Naval Uniforms & Badges of WW2 63 pages of detail about the Kriegsmarine WW2
US Army Facts & Insignia (WW1-AEF) 92 pages of photos, facts & figures about the AEF
USA in WW 2 1942 US Navy Army Marines & Coast Guard
The Times History of the War The Ottoman (Turkish) Army 1914/15
Back to Blighty A Soldiers' & Sailors' Guide to London 1916
NATO Uniforms & Insignia 1962 All the NATO countries are represented
Over There With The Australians 15th Brigade AIF history WW1
Daredevils of the Skies Early Australian aviators, mostly AFC
New Zealand at the Front 1917 NZ history WW1 written by the troops. Illustrated
A Soldier's Guide to the Japanese Army All the details on our worst enemy in WW2
Graveyards & Battlefields of Gallipoli Australian French & Turkish Memorials 
Anzacs of WW2 (a complete history) Over 20 books converted to the web.
The Australian Soldier (WW2, Middle East) An illustrated book by a War Correspondent
The Fighting Fourth 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) The last ANZAC Battalion & last out of Vietnam.
The Defence Force of Western Australia Colonial Units in WA, Volunteers & Permanent
The Anzac Story for boys & girls Written by an Anzac, wounded 25 Apr 1915
The Anzac Book Edited by CEW Bean & written by Anzacs
Colour Patches, Australia, NZ, Canada The coloured badges that had a lot of value
British Military in Australia Our colonial military details, 1788 to 1870
NZ Army  The NZEF & 2nd NZEF A military history of New Zealand, 1840 to 1990
Canada in Khaki The CEF A record of our cousins, the Canadians in WW1
Histories of the 1st AIF A record of the work of the 1st AIF & 1st NZEF
Military Badges - The Booker Collection a growing collection of badges & insignia
42nd Battalion AIF 1916/19 Life in the trenches of France
42nd Australian Infantry Battalion 1939/45 WW2 exploits of the 42nd
The Fallen of the 42nd in two World Wars. The Honour Roll of the 42nd 
HARDNBOLD The story of 57/60th Battalion in WW2
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Digger History:  an unofficial history of the Australian & New Zealand Armed Forces