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Public Education

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Introducing Public Education Department

Public Education Department has been managed with the goal of raising the society awareness aboat the earthquake, and preparing all groups of the society to mitigate the earthquake hazards

The plans of this department are as following:

  • Improving the safety, preventing, and preparedness culture against the earthquake among all groups of the society.

  • Resarching, collecting, and preparing the latest experiments which have been taken about the public education.

  • Using all developed educational methods and mass medias to make the society educated about the earthquake.

  • Creating and cooperating in developing data banks in the line of improving public education department`s aims.

  • Concentrating on children and adolscents` educational plans as the most vulnerable groups of the society.

  • The public awareness and creating safety culture in society to prevent and mitigate the earthquake hazards.

Photo Gallery of 8th Earthquake Drill



8th National Earthquake Drill in Schools (PDF)

(November 29, 2006)


School disaster risk reduction (PDF)


From 28 provinces of Iran, mostly all of them are at high moderate to high risk from earthquake .
ground shaking from earthquake can collaps buildings and cause life and property losses.
In order to reduce these casualties The Public Education Department of "IIEES" has been concentrated on earthquake preparedness educations, since 1990.