July 2007

The start of the new mechandise has been posted through MerchNow. You can now get Hummer shirts here.

Devin is taking time to write and move house. More news after the move. Apologies, the previously mentioned HDR Garage Sale will also be postponed until that time.

March 2007

These past months, Devin worked on his puppet show but this project evolved into a full-length concept CD in the vein of Strapping Young Lad meets Punky Brüster. Ziltoid the Omniscient will beam episodes on the web and the record will be ready for an early summer release via Inside Out and HDR. Devin played all the instruments on this record with the assistance of the Drumkit from hell. He also mixed and produced the record. The CD artwork was designed by Travis Smith. For now, you silly humans can get in touch with Ziltoid via his Myspace page.

On production side, Devin started to work on the new Darkest Hour record. Following Darkest Hour, Devin is doing the vocal productions for Soilwork and Himsa, then recording the third full Zimmers Hole album, this time for Century Media.

Regarding guest appearances, Devin recorded a guitar solo on the new album for the band A Life Once Lost. He also recorded a guitar track on an upcoming compilation album from Magna Carta Records. The title of the track is Nerd Alert and it could be described as Devin's most impressive and challenging guitar work to date.

To finish, don't forget to check the Hevydevy Records Ebay page as we will soon sell a lot of memorabilia items accumulated after all these years. It will be like HDR garage sale that should start in May and run through summer.

November 2006

The big news this time is that Devin and Tracy would like to announce the birth of baby boy Reyner Liam Johnstan Townsend on October 4, 2006, weighing 8lbs 10oz. Even if Devin took some time away from touring to spend some quality time with his new family, he kept himself busy. He finished the Hummer CD that is now on sale exclusively on the HDR website. Remember this is Devin’s second ambient album. Calm & peaceful noises to fall asleep to. Not for everyone.

Devin also started to work on his puppet show and even if for now there is no set timetable for the show, The first puppet is coming together with Devin just sculpting the finishing touches. He will work with many other people on this project (Travis Smith, Marcus Roger among others) and the show will relate stories of Ziltoid the Omniscient, an alien with ideas on destroying the Earth. Ziltoid will interview artists and musicians, seeking from them some reason not to blow up the world.

On this break Devin also find the time to film an instructional video (15 minutes) that will ve posted on the website later in the year and he also wrote 5 new songs for an upcoming project style (like Terria or Infinity) he hopes to record Spring 2007.

To finish, in February 2007 Devin will start production for the new Darkest Hour album in Vancouver. He will also mix this record.

October 2006

Hummer, the second ambient release (after Devlab) should be ready for christmas. 500 copies will be available on the Hevydevy Records website. This recording (like Devlab) is really different so don't expect something similar to the Devin Townsend Band or Strapping Young Lad. Devin went through final mixes a few weeks ago and he finds this record amazing. This one is more peaceful than Devlab and as Devin says it should be used as a "background of your thoughts".

More information about the release to come soon

September 2006

HDR will be on maternity leave in October. Whilst orders may still be placed, we won't be available to either answer emails or process orders during the entire month. Orders placed during September will be processed as usual, those made in October will not be despatched until November. However keep in mind that even if there is a planned delivery date (for the baby), things can change very quickly and we might have to stop shipping orders this september.

July 2006

Strapping Young Lad’s ‘The New Black’ was released July 11th or 17th, depending on where you live. “You Suck” has been available to hear for a while on the HDR, Century Media websites and SYL’s myspace site. The video for “Wrong Side” can also be seen on those sites as well as an awesome clip of “The New Black” from the Download Festival in England.

‘The New Black’ USA standard edition comes with an enhanced CD and Century Media sampler disc. There is also a digipack version that comes with one new bonus track “The Long Pig” and the Melvin’s cover “Zodiac”. For more information, please contact Century Media Records. HDR do not have the digipack available to order.

There has been a lot of discussion in the past while as to the future of Strapping Young Lad and Devin’s views on the band and his career. In interviews, Devin has been admittedly negative and candid with his thoughts on everything from the industry to metal music in general. “I was really tired, I warned people that it probably wasn’t a good idea… there were too many interviews and I just wasn’t in the head space for it.” Despite this, he was scheduled for 33 hours of interviews over 3 days. “[It] makes it sound a lot more dire than it actually is. I was just exhausted. I just don’t want to HAVE to do Strapping ALL THE TIME. I want the energy to be pure but it’s a small aspect of my personality and it can’t be pure if it’s forced. I could go on doing heavy music forever, but only if allowed to do it when it comes naturally.”

After Ozzfest, Devin is taking six months off where he will focus on things other than music. His first child is due in October and he wants to spend time with his family and assess what he would like to do in the future.

Devin would like to feel free to do music without feeling forced to live in the “scene” that he doesn’t relate to well. There are a few things we must also bear in mind. The first being that we all know that Devin thinks in extremes and in the immediate, otherwise the DT/SYL dichotomy would not be possible. He speaks his mind freely but how he may be feeling at one moment may be entirely different from the next. Also, like his lyrics, a lot of what he says is layered in sarcasm so you cannot always accept it as “truth”. For now, just give him some time off and he may come back with an entirely new outlook.

The Ozzfest tour continues with great success. It has been a very surreal experience for the band. While it can be difficult going out and screaming “You Suck” at 10 in the morning, the response from the crowd as well as the signing sessions and greetings with people afterwards have made it really rewarding.

Some "off dates" have had to be cancelled due to the travel times involved. It has proved impossible in some situations to finish playing at 1am, load out and drive to the next Ozzfest city by 7am load-in.

As with the Sounds of the Underground last year, Byron unfortunately ended up double-booked with Fear Factory so after August 1st there will be a substitute bass player for all of the remaining Strapping dates. At this time it is confirmed to be James MacDounagh, formerly with Megadeth.

May 2006

Synchestra has been extremely well received, more than any other DT records. it made the charts in France, Germany and Finland so we would thank each and everyone of you that managed to get a copy. The DTB released a video for 'Vampira'. This video is available in the Fan section. This video is very funny and maybe not what you expect from an album like Synchestra but we hope it gets some attention anyway.

On the other side, Devin has been busy recording the new Strapping Young Lad record that will be released on July 10th. "The New Black" features 10 songs and will be mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica)

Here is "The New Black" official Tracklisting:

  • Decimator
  • You Suck
  • Antiproduct
  • Hope
  • Wrong Side
  • Monument
  • Far Beyond Metal
  • Fucker
  • Almost Again
  • Polyphony
  • The New Black

Bonus tracks

  • The Long Pig
  • C:enter:###

Century Media Records is re-releasing SYL's "Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing" in Europs on June 12th. This re-issue features a re-mastered version of SYL's classic debuts, 4 bonus tracks, the S.Y.L video and a 12 pages booklet with extended liner notes from Devin.

To finish, a European tour was planned for the DTB in May but we apologize as it was forced to be cancelled. The reason is not for Ozzfest or the new SYL record but Devin and Tracy are going to have a baby so they needed to be together for the first part of the pregnancy and medical tests. The baby is due in October which will postpone any touring until 2007.

March 2006

The DTB will play a one off show with King's x on April 24th in Vancouver BC (Red room). The bands will play two full sets, no opening bands. Tickets are 20 $ advance / 25 $ at the door.

Devin is back in studio with Strapping Young Lad, the new songs were mostly written before the Opeth/DTB tour. Devin provided demos to the band to rehearse before he left and now the band is working together on Alien's follow-up. Strapping Young Lad has also secured a second-stage slot at this year's Ozzfest, which is scheduled to kick off July 1 in San Francisco, California.

February 2006

HDR Synchestra/DVD jewel case editions now available.

The DTB will have an in-store signing/Meet & Greet before the show Feb 11 at Scrape Records, 17 West Broadway, Vancouver, 6 pm.

See you there !!!

January 2006

HevyDevy’s Synchestra CD is available for preorder now, or direct order Jan 23. The European DVD edition is also ready for pre-order now and the HDR version will follow approximately Feb 10. Inside Out’s European version comes in digipack format, the HevyDevy version comes in a double jewel case, both with expanded artwork done by DeepPeace Design that also revamped the Hevydevy website.

The Devin Townsend Band was offered a highly desirable slot on the US Opeth/Dark Tranquility tour in February. Check the Tour section for more info. The DTB was eager to join the tour but being seven weeks in length, they were unable to commit that much time because Devin is already hard at work writing the next Strapping Young Lad album. The band is rehearsing daily and are set to begin recording early March for a summer release.

For those who are into that sort of thing we have recently created a DTB page on myspace.com. Beware other pages on that site as there are a few imposters that we have been trying to get rid of. We will try to do our best to keep it updated with news & pics.

To finish, HDR is going to reduce and simplify the stock merchandise. Some shirt lines won't be reordered and we will stop to carrying hoodies entirely (they are too costly to produce and ship). We have already added some items to the Ebay store that can be had for cheaper than the website.

Dec 06 2005

The January Edition of Rock Sound magazine will include a Devin Townsend feature, don't miss it.

November 27 2005 HDR is providing a wider range of merchandise available here. We have signed up with a website that provides a huge selection of items that we would otherwise be unable to offer. Cafe Press is an independent company that makes logo products one at a time. While they are completely separate from HDR, their customer service seems to be excellent. Because they are based in the USA, they are able to offer more shipping options than we can. We welcome your feedback on their performance (however, any questions about products and orders need to go directly to them)