Wednesday 02 July 2008


Mera Sasural goes kaput

Barely four months after it was launched, Sacchitanand production’s first soap Mera Sasural is coming to an end.

Confirming the news, writer and producer Anjana Sood says, “The decision to pull off the show was taken yesterday. The lead actress Urmila Kanetkar couldn’t give us enough dates thus we were left with no option but to call off the show.”

But couldn’t they find Urmila’s replacement? Anjana replies, “Finding a replacement would have called for promotional expenses. Besides, I feel the time slot (7.30 pm) also didn’t work in our favour.”

It’s not all loss for Anjana as they will be producing a new show for the same channel. “We’re pulling off Mera Sasural but producing a new show for Sahara One. That was the agreement with the channel. However, the new show wouldn’t be in the same time slot. Plus, it will have an entire new star cast,” she signs off.


By Mayur Lookhar
Neha Maheshwri

Posted on 20 June 2008 5:12 pm

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