Hello all,

Sorry it’s been so long. There’s been a lot going on with me/TheSend, so I thought I’d give you all the update you deserve! (I’ll organize this blog in a format of 2 bullet points, to keep things clear...)

1. I/TheSend HAS NOT quit/break up. I’ve been recieving a lot of mail from people asking things like "Why would you quit?!" and "How could you?!", and "I heard from so and so/this band that you quite! Is it true?!" etc. I thought it was kinda funny because as far as I knew, I’ve never said anything to anyone about quitting or stopping. I HAVE been on a much needed extensive break, but, no, I’M NOT DONE. Hopefully that’s good news to most of you. Which leads me to....

2. NEW MUSIC! While enjoying the Oregon rain/sun, I’ve spent the last few months working on my new record. I’ve got anywhere from 10-20 songs I’m sorting through right now, and I’m unbelievably excited. The recording process for this record is quite a bit different from "Cosmos". I’m going to be traveling back and forth from Nashville, TN to Sweet Home, OR recording as I go. I’m so excited to share the new music with all of you wonderful little hobbits. I think/hope that the record is going to be a LOT different. I’m not sure if everyone will be happy about that, but I hope so. If I could sum it up at this point, I would say this... SIMPLE I want this record to be a bit more focused and straight forward. But for those of you who love the craziness, do not fret. There will be complexity in the simplicity. (I hope, haha). Actually I have no idea what I’m saying, and I’m just writing random songs about imaginary characters in imaginary lands. Who knows...

ANYWAY. I think that’s a decent recap of the recent months. Keep your eyelids unclosed because there will be more and more news as time progresses. Hopefully I’ll have some new songs to share as soon as 2011. And I’m done. Whatever anyone said about me quitting and moving into the mountains to become an isolated mountain man is true.

Joke joke joke.

Really though, THERE WILL BE NEW MUSIC SOON! (applause) AND THUS, I OBVIOUSLY WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE AND PERFORM MUSIC! (roaring applause). I’m in a joking mood, so pardon my seemily obsurd boldness.

Hope you are all looking forward to the summer as much as I,


OH! p.s. I DO have a title for the new record, but I will reveal it as slowly as possible. The record title has 3 words, and today I will reveal 1 of them:

Leaving ____ _____

If anyone wants to send in some guesses, I would enjoy that!

K bye now
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