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Beijing annual GDP per capita hit $6,000
From:Chinanews Updated:2007-04-03

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According to a report by Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing has witnessed an 11%-plus economic growth every year in the last 5 years.

Beijing's GDP in 2006 was 772.03 billion yuan, and its annual GDP per capita was $6,210, while the figure was expected to hit $6,000 by 2008.

Local financial revenue in Beijing in 2006 was 111.72 billion yuan, and it has been increasing at a 20% annual rate in the previous years. The disposable income of urban Beijingers was 19,978 yuan per capita (10% more than in 2005), and the net income of suburban Beijingers was 8,620 yuan (9% more than in 2005).

The six high-end industrial districts of Zhongguancun, Jinrongjie, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, CBD, Airport Economic Zone and Olympic Central Zone had all been completed, and they had played a very important part in boosting Beijing's economy. In fact, they contributed nearly 50% of industrial growth, 50%-plus of information industrial growth and more than 70% of financial growth to Beijing in 2006.

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